Before we went on our first family camping trip, I was approached by All Personalised Blankets to see if I would be interested in reviewing one of their blankets. Straight away, I liked the idea of having something made that could be our family camping blanket – one that we could take on all our camping adventures. I had visions of us all snuggling underneath it around a campfire, drinking hot chocolate, toasting marshmallows and watching the stars… and whilst that didn’t happen in Wales, I’m still hopeful it’ll happen in the future!

All Personalised Blankets offer a variety of blankets and other products that can be personalised either using their wide variety of templates or by uploading your own design. I couldn’t quite get my camping blanket idea to fit any of their templates, so uploaded a stock image of a nighttime scene, and used their editor to put some text on top.

Background to All Personalised Blanket

Knowing what quote to use was easy!

Not all those who wander are lost

It’s a J.R.R. Tolkein quote from his All that is gold does not glitter poem in The Lord of the Rings. My Dad used this quote as part of his speech at our wedding, as he described LPD as a bit of a ‘wanderer’ when he first met him! My parents also had the quote engraved on a champagne flute that they arranged to be in our honeymoon cottage in Scotland. I love it because it so wonderfully applies to LPD (Little Pickle’s Dad). I even bought him a t-shirt with the slogan on… and I think it’s a nice message for camping too.

Our Camping Blanket at Night

The ordering process was really smooth, and I was really impressed with the blanket when it arrived. We’ve had a Queen sized (160x240cm) one-sided polar fleece blanket and it’s so big and snuggly! I often worry about the quality of personalised items – they can sometimes end up looking a bit tacky or low quality but that wasn’t the case with this. It’s lovely and soft, and the finish is of a high quality. I haven’t washed it yet so I’m not sure how it fares in the washing machine, but it looks as though it’d be okay. I’d recommend uploading the very highest quality image you can with the biggest resolution for the best results – although, the website will tell you if an image is below standard.

Sleeping Pickle in our Personalised Blanket Camping

Although we didn’t get much chance to sit out under the stars with our blanket (too many rainy nights!), I did manage to get a lovely little snuggle when Pickle fell asleep on me under the blanket. He looks so content and peaceful here, and I certainly felt that way too.

Camping Essentials Floor Mats

I love the idea of having a blanket that we’ll take with us on all our camping adventures. I hope when Pickle is a bit older, it’ll be one of those things he looks forward to about holidays. Something that becomes synonymous with family snuggles, quality time together and fresh air. I’m already hoping we’ll get a proper chance to sit under the stars with it this weekend. Wish us luck, and keep your fingers crossed for dry weather!

Disclaimer: I was given this blanket free of charge for the purposes of this review. The design is a stock image with our own text laid over the top. All opinions and thoughts remain my own, and as always, 100% honest.