I never thought I’d get so excited about the arrival of baby toys, but when this beautiful gift bag filled with the new Jonathan Adler range from Fisher-Price arrived, I was definitely more excited than Pickle. I fell in love with them immediately, and I’m glad to say that Pickle has too – finally, I’ve found the toys that will enable me to have a quick shower in peace without him bawling his eyes out whilst left to play in his cotbed!

Fisher Price toys

I’m sure all baby toys are created carefully, with every aspect considered, but there’s something about the Jonathan Adler range that just feels well designed. The geometric prints and patterns feel not only on trend but are also wonderfully stimulating for babies, and with Jonathan Adler, an iconic American potter and designer, now Fisher-Price’s creative director, I’m excited to see what further toys will be produced.

Activity Alligator and Activity Elephant – £12.99 each

This pair are, without a doubt, my two favourites from the range. Never underestimate the usefulness of a toy that can be clipped safely onto a pram, highchair, or bag…! The various different textures and fabrics are contrasting enough to boost baby’s senses but magically fit together to create a toy that looks beautiful. There are plush sections, knitted sections, corduroy and cotton – the elephant even has a mirror behind his ear. Mis-match done right!

Fisher Price Jonathan Adler range Elephant

Pickle particularly enjoys the dangling bits, with the rings being his favourite to play with. He really enjoys holding onto it and the noise is makes when rattled. Look at his little concentration face! So cute.

Fisher Price Crocodile


Signature Style Pegs – Crocodile Teething Toy £4.99

The teething toy couldn’t have arrived at a better time, as Pickle currently has two teeth threatening to burst through his top gums at any moment. He knew exactly what to do when I handed him his crocodile teether, and he started chomping on it straight away. I love the bright colour and it’s easy to spot in my changing bag when we’re out and about, whilst being easy to clean down as well.

Fisher Price Teething Toy

There are three other toys in the range: the monkey rattle, giraffe spinner, and a crinkly-belly panda and I can see us collecting all four at this rate!

Monkey Mirror – £19.99

And finally, the Monkey Mirror. Ever since we first used a play mirror during a Rhythm Time class, I’ve been meaning to get a baby friendly mirror for us to play with at home but it’s one of those things that I just hadn’t gotten round to. What I love about this, is that because of how it’s designed, the mirror easily stands up by itself, which means that Pickle can enjoy playing with it himself when we’re not playing together. The mirror has already got quite a lot of slobber all over it where he’s blown raspberries at himself and tried to give himself a big sloppy kiss. Honestly, he’ll kiss anyone or anything!

Fisher Price Monkey Mirror

The whole thing closes up with a velcro tab so it’s easy to take out and about, and I quite like how it feels a bit like a book to open too. It’s a sensory treat with crinkly sections, a squeaking monkey, jingling parrot, bananas that clack and fleece glass that’s soft to touch.

Thank you Fisher-Price

With all of these toys, I’m really glad we got to test them out. I think the price of some of the items may have put me off buying them had I just seen them in the shops (selected products are available from Amazon) but now I’ve seen them, felt them, and witnessed Pickle playing with them – I can totally see and appreciate their worth. They’d make fantastic gifts for new or expectant parents as the toys are suitable from birth but will give many, many months of playtime fun!

I can’t thank Fisher-Price enough for sending these to us, and they definitely have the seal of approval from us!

Disclaimer: these toys were sent to us for the purposes of this review, but my thoughts remain totally my own, and as always, 100% honest.