We’re doing Christmas on a budget this year. Living off just one salary makes that kind of necessary but I’m also of the mindset that you don’t need to spend a fortune in order to have a good time. Likewise, you don’t need to bankrupt yourself to get your hands on some fantastic presents. Thankfully, this mentality has been ingrained in me from a young age and as a family, we even spent a few years doing a £1 present challenge. It was my Mum’s idea – we all had to buy each other the best present we could without spending over £1 on each person. Challenge accepted! I scoured pound shops and sale sections to find the best bits and pieces I could, and was really pleased with my present choices which included a Coronation Street DVD for my brother (ha ha ha, he bloody loves Corrie), and a hand decorated glass heart container for bubble bath for my Mum – which she still has in her bathroom.

When tasked with taking on the #SDFiverChallenge with Sports Direct and BritMums (to pick up some gifts for £5 each from Sports Direct), I was ready for some bargain hunting – it sounded RIGHT up my street and I couldn’t wait to find the best deals.

WARNING! The following people I know need not read any further unless you want to spoil your Christmas present: Mom, Dad, and Pete. You three have been warned!

I was pleasantly surprised with the range on offer at Sports Direct. Historically, it’s my go-to place if I’m after some cheap running wear and I’ve got a couple of nice fleece jackets from there too that I bought for camping last year, but I wouldn’t have ever thought of looking there for Christmas presents. I even managed to pick something up for Pickle! I’ll start with the things I’d expect to pick up from Sports Direct, and then end with the more surprising items.

Men’s T-Shirts

The first part of the website I went to look at, was the Men’s t-shirt section. I figured that would be the best place to find an item or two for some of the many blokes on my Christmas list (a husband, three brothers, a brother-in-law, my Dad and two foster brothers!). I wasn’t wrong! There’s LOTS of choice, and I love that a lot of the styles come in different colours too. I tried to take inspiration from the current wardrobe of both my Dad and my brother-in-law to try and make sure I picked them something that they’d like, rather than something I liked but I’ll have to wait until after Christmas to tell you whether I was successful or not!

Red Pierre Cardin T-shirt from Sports Direct

Pierre Cardin T-shirt in Red, £5 (Available from Sports Direct)

Airwalk Tshirt with Raglan Sleeves

Airwalk Raglan T-shirt in Green, £5 (Available in Blue from Sports Direct)

Women’s Accessories

Hat, gloves and scarves are a tried and tested Christmas present idea. They always go down particularly well with our family as we have a big tradition of going for a walk up the Clent Hills on Boxing Day, so they get put to the test right away. For something a little different, but still in keeping with the warm accessories precedent, I found these really cute earmuffs that I thought were perfect for my Mum!

Purple Fluffy Ear Muffs from Sports Direct

Not only will they come in handy for Boxing Day, but with a new Guide Dog puppy to walk, they’ll make sure her ears stay toasty warm even on cold winter night dog walks. They actually don’t have these particular style on the website anymore, but they do have some plain coloured ones (still Soul Cal brand) for £5.

This next item was just a tad over the £5 gift mark, but that doesn’t really matter… as I didn’t get it as a gift for anyone else, but as a little treat for me instead! Since we got the child bike seat for Pickle, I’ve loved going for little cycling adventures with him but until recently, we’d only gone as a family. I wanted to start going more doing the week but was worried that my usual big backpack would just BASH Pickle in the face if I wore it whilst he was sat behind me. I spotted this mini rucksack on the Sports Direct website and it absolutely ticked all the boxes for me!

Photo of LPM wearing mini rucksack from behind

Lonsdale Mini Backpack in Grey and Orange, £5.99 (Available from Sports Direct)

I love that it’s brightly coloured and has a little front pocket to shove my keys in. It’s perfectly sized to hold my purse, my Messy Me clutch bag with nappy change supplies and a few toys and snacks too, and I can easily wear it whilst cycling. I absolutely love it. Merry Christmas, me.

And for Pickle…

And after months of seeing him head straight for them around other people’s houses or at playgroup… I gasped with glee when I spotted this on the Sports Direct website and immediately popped it in my basket. A doll stroller for Pickle! Even though it’s meant to be a Christmas present, I couldn’t resist getting it out as soon as it arrived as I knew it’d make his day. I popped a teddy in there and he beamed with pride as he pushed it up and down the lounge. It’s even graced the aisles of Morrisons with us. I’ve hidden it away again now though in the hope that he will be even more excited now to open it up on Christmas morning. The fabric stroller bit is such a simple pattern that I’m tempted to make him some interchangeable inserts too – maybe even an oilcloth version so he can be really posh!

Baby Pram from Sports Direct

Baby Doll Stroller, £5 (no longer available from Sports Direct)

I’ve since spotted some really lovely toddler clothes on their website too, so I think I’ll be putting in another order before Christmas… I can’t resist cute slogan jumpers and long raglan sleeves for Pickle!

And so there you have it, proof that you don’t need to spend a small fortune to pick up some great (and thoughtful) presents. I’d definitely recommend having a look through the Sports Direct website, because there are probably some bits and pieces you wouldn’t expect and they even have a whole section devoted to gift ideas. Let’s see what you can pick up for a fiver, too!

Disclaimer: This post is an entry for BritMums #sdfiverchallenge Christmas Challenge, sponsored by Sportsdirect.com. I was offered a £30 giftcard for Sports Direct to purchase these gifts with.