Ever since I’ve been taking part in Donna and Katie‘s #TheOrdinaryMoments link up, it’s really made me think about the little parts of every day that I want to capture better. It’s the little things that are so easily forgotten even though they’re often the most precious. And this week, I’m celebrating story time! We began to introduce a little bit more of a bedtime routine just before Christmas and now I really enjoy our nightly bedtime story.

I always sit Pickle in my lap to read, all freshly in his pyjamas, and I pull the duvet over our legs so we’re nice and cosy. Now that he’s a bit older, he loves to try and reach out and help turn the pages (or the whole book most often!) and he’s started to get very wise as to where the flaps and doors are in the books that have things to lift up and open. It ALWAYS makes me smile with pride when he tries to open the flaps – it’s amazing that his little brain has retained and remembered that’s where they are and what they do.

Reading Bedtime Story with Baby

Some nights he’s really over tired, can’t sit still and just tries to escape but the nights where it feels like he’d happily snuggle in my arms all night fills me with so much joy and contentment. And sometimes I’ll drag out story time by re-reading the book again, just to prolong it that little bit longer.

It’s not something I ever think to photograph or try and document because I usually read in as low light as I possibly can to get Pickle in the mood for sleeping, but this week, Once Upon a Time Book Bundles offered to send us a little surprise bundle of baby books, and it was the perfect opportunity to have a morning story time instead and enlist the help of LPD (Little Pickle’s Dad) to help capture our story adventures.

Reading with baby for bedtime story

Reading With Baby Opposites Book

Baby is amazed by 100 Acre Wood

Once Upon a Time Book Bundles offer great value book packages including a 20 for £20 book bundle, and 10 for £10 bundle which are both tailored to your child’s age and interests. I was REALLY impressed with the book selection we were sent and we’ve already had lots of fun with them not only as bedtime stories but also during the day too – the Mr Funny and Mr Bump board books are the current favourite! Pickle loves that they’re baby-sized and he can pick them up himself and turn the pages. I haven’t gone anywhere without them at the moment, as they’re my go-to baby cheering up device!

Mr Men Board Books for Bedtime Story

The selection even came with a cute little finger puppet – and a brilliant buggy book that I can’t wait to clip on the pram. I honestly can’t recommend Once Upon a Time Book Bundles more, as I think they offer fantastic value for money and are a great cheap way to build up your child’s library.

Once Upon a Time Book Bundles

If you’ve got an Easter holiday planned, get in quick as there may be time to order a special Little Travellers bundle with books that introduce the idea of travelling and holidays to your little one – what a brilliant idea! Check out their Instagram account (@once_upon_a_time_book_bundles) for the most up to date offers.

Special discount for Little Pickle’s Mom readers

And if 20 books for £20 wasn’t amazing value enough, as readers of Little Pickle’s Mom, I have a special discount code for you to get £1 off. That’s 20 books for just £19. All you need to do is use the code ‘pickle’ at checkout. Perfect for your own little ones, as well as gifts for nieces or nephews. I’ll definitely be stocking up!

Disclaimer: we were sent a free parcel of books from Once Upon a Time Book Bundles in exchange for sharing our thoughts of them. As always, this hasn’t influenced my opinion and I remain honest in my views and opinions. We genuinely loved this little package! The discount code ‘pickle’ can be used at Once Upon a Time Book Bundles. 10 different bloggers have been given discount codes and the most used discount code will be awarded with their own special book bundle.

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