August, the month of camping for us. Always has been, and I hope, always will be. I think this time last year, I was just started to get a bit more freedom – Pickle was beginning to sleep without needing to be in my arms and so the number of blog posts I managed to get written definitely increased! I’m sure if you’d have asked me last year how well I thought Pickle would be sleeping in 2017, I’d have no idea that he wouldn’t actually be all that better. Last year I wrote about getting a six hour stretch! SIX HOURS! Amazing.

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One Year Ago – Seaside Adventures

What were we doing this time last year? The exact same thing we’re doing this year! Preparing for a trip to the Welsh seaside. I meant to get around to writing a post about Pickle’s first little holiday but never quite got round to it (something I really regret now as I’m sure there’s countless little moments that I’ve since forgotten). But I do have a lovely array of photos to remember the trip by and I spoke a little bit about it in my two month update.

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Sneezing Baby on the Beach

I dread to think how small those clothes would be now in comparison to the clothes he wears now. Last year, I managed to buy him a really lovely fleece-sleepsuit just before we went away which was perfect for the cool nights but I can’t for the life of me find something similar this year. If you happen to have seen a nice one in the shops in the last few days, definitely let me know! I just want something really warm and snuggly for him to sleep in. I hate the idea of him getting chilly in the tent.

It was somewhat reassuring to read my two month update for Pickle. I can hear the relief in my writing that we’d started to get into the swing of things a bit! Life as a family was beginning to settle into place – it’s easy to forget how long it takes for you both to adjust to your new roles as parents. We’re still adjusting now, but the shift isn’t so drastic.

Mommy and Daddy at the Seaside

I can’t wait to see what this year’s holiday brings. Camping as a family is something I’ve dreamed of for years – it’s the kind of thing I looked forward to most when I first saw that positive line on the pregnancy test. I hope Pickle has fun. I hope he relishes all the time outdoors and whilst I’m under no expectations that we’ll experience a sudden heat wave, I’d at least like it to be dry next week. Especially as our tent is twenty years old… I’m not sure how waterproof it’ll prove to be if the heavens do open!

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