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I’m a sucker for a good Groupon deal – who isn’t? And Pickle’s Auntie A is ridiculously good at finding the best ones out there so I’ve enjoyed some real treats lately, including the most amazing brunch in London with unlimited Prosecco (which we absolutely took advantage of). Now that I’m not ‘working’ in the traditional sense, saving money wherever we can is a real priority and whilst it’s good to be frugal, it’s nice to have a little well deserved treat especially if you feel like you’ve got a lot for your money.

Out for Brunch with Friends Thanks to Groupon

Groupon over in America has recently launched a new Coupon side to their business too, helping you save even more money without having to spend up front. If you’re anything like me, before you buy anything online, you always google for any current discount codes but sometimes the websites that come up look a bit untrustworthy and I’m sometimes nervous about clicking through… But now that Groupon shares discount codes, I trust them a lot more and it really is a one-stop shop to help you save money on, well, pretty much anything.

Groupon Logo Groupon Coupons

I really hope the UK Groupon site starts to do this soon too, although I fear for my bank balance if they start offering the same at the US site and give me lots of money-off codes for the likes of Toys R Us! It’s far too tempting… Please tell me I’m not the only one who gets sucked in to buying things I don’t really need if I feel like I’m getting a bargain?

Also, a tip I’ve learned from one of our NCT friends is if you’re buying something for your little one, it’s always worth checking to see if any of your parent friends are after the same thing. If you buy in bulk on behalf of friends, you may be able to get some free shipping discounts or money off for spending over a certain limit. We’ve done just that with a new baby swing and seat for the garden, and it really doesn’t take that long to do a quick coupon search, does it? Enjoy saving a bit extra, and the guilt-free spending that comes with it! Thank you, Groupon.

Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post from Groupon, who are working with me to help promote their new Coupon service.