This is a review of the Spring Spectacular event at Hatton Country World, which ran from 13 – 28 April 2019, our visit was organised through Coventry Bloggers.

Last week, I booked Tuesday off work more out of necessity than anything else (my Dad usually looks after Pickle on a Tuesday but they were instead having a wonderful time on a canal boat holiday!), and decided it was the perfect day for a bit of farm based fun. We’re no strangers to Hatton Country World, although our visits are usually during school term weekdays to make the most of the quieter times and often reduced entrance fees, so I know we’d be almost guaranteed to have a lovely time.

Pickle grinning at the top of a digger slide at Hatton Country World

What I didn’t quite factor into my calculations for the day, was that Pickle would have a three hour nap on arrival! Once we’d arrived, and he’d had a play on the swings (the first thing he spotted), I set up our picnic blanket for the small feast I’d brought along with us. After a bite of cheese sandwich, a Peperami and some pineapple, he snuggled up for a cuddle and asked to lie down for a sleep. I know better than to try and keep him awake when he’s knackered, so happily let him, but wasn’t quite prepared for the mammoth nap that followed.

A Long Afternoon but a Short Visit

Holly and Jessie on the Tractor Safari

Thankfully, I had my best friend with me to chat away the time, but it did mean we missed out on a few of the special Easter Holiday events that would have been fun to watch – especially the Hatton Grand National – a sheep race, complete with commentator! We caught a glimpse of it through the hedge and it looked like everyone watching (and running!) had a great time.

Once Sleeping Beauty had woken up, we were joined by Jim, and the four of us headed straight to the Farmyards Favourite barn.

Pickle feeding the animals at Hatton Country World

We always seem to spend the most time in here, whenever we visit. The covered barn is great in all weathers and feeding the sheep, pigs and goats never fails to put a smile on Pickle’s face. I’m amazed at his bravery and not being scared of letting any of the animals eat out of his hands. It gives him so much joy – and me too, just by watching him.

Feeding the pigs at Hatton Country World

The only thing I’d say as a negative in here, was that I did hear some swearing from the young staff working. They were just talking between themselves, and maybe if the barn had been busier, we wouldn’t have heard it – but we did. And I just worried that Pickle would have heard too. Don’t get me wrong, embarrassingly, it’s nothing he wouldn’t have heard before (thanks to Jim’s runaway mouth sometimes!) but I don’t expect to hear bad language at a family attraction.

Pickle said the Sheeps were his favourite
Feeding pot at Hatton Country World
Close up of a piglet at Hatton Country World

Small Animals Handling

Sadly, because of the mammoth nap, we just missed the last chance of the day to handle some of the smaller animals, and on this occasion, Pickle didn’t seem interested in going through to the Reptile House. These more hands on experiences are where I think the best memories are made on these kinds of days out. I thought we’d missed our chance… but then we headed to the New Spring Arrivals tent – after washing our hands, of course.

Washing our hands at the water station at Hatton County World

Spring Arrivals Tent

I absolutely loved the Spring Arrivals tent – there’s something magical about seeing a mother with her babies, and it may sound silly, but I always feel a kind of affinity when I see a pig or sheep feeding their young!

The sign for the Spring New Arrivals tent at Spring Spectacular

Pickle always gets excited when he sees animals having ‘Mommy Milk’ too, and seeing all the little piglets enjoying their milk made him giggle. He did seem a bit concerned about the grunting Mommy pig!

Piglets being fed by their mother at Hatton Country World
Pickle looking shocked at the pigs being fed.

The bouncing lambs were a delight to see, springing around their enclosure but the absolute highlight was when Pickle and I got to hold a baby chick. I think my heart just about burst with pride that he was so gentle.

Pickle stroking a chick
Pickle holding a baby chick
Mia the lamb at Hatton Country World

Tractor Safari

Just as we handed back the chick, the Tractor Safari pulled up and so we ran to catch it. The driver Steve was full of information, and I particularly enjoyed learning that they had separated the expectant ewes according to the number of lambs they were carrying: a field for singles, a field for twins and a field for triplets.

Pickle big smiley face
The sheep in their field
Daddy giving Pickle a cuddle on the Tractor Safari

Rounding off the Day

We finished off the day by having a play in the sandpit – Pickle enjoyed digging a hole (once I’d had to remind him several times not to throw or chuck sand!) and he loved the alphabet moulds that were scattered around. The diggers were a fun addition to climb on.

Playing in the sand pit.

Our Verdict

Over all, we had a lovely day. I wish we’d have had more time to explore the full attractions on offer – I’m sure Pickle would have loved the fairground rides and we’ve always enjoyed the indoor softplay section on previous visits. I’d have loved to see Pickle and Jim go down the sack slide together.

Pickle with his hand in a paper cup.

Although there was a lot more on offer than during our previous visits: a magic show, the Hatton Grand National, Easter Egg hunts and the Spring Arrivals tent (as examples), the individual price of a ticket feels quite inaccessible. If the four of us had paid to enter, it would have cost over £60. I’d definitely recommend visiting on a school term weekday if you can in order to get the best value for money.

Feeding the lambs at Hatton Country World.

Disclaimer: we were offered tickets to Hatton Country World in exchange for an honest review. All content, views and opinions are my own.