Having only just published a post about finding out we were pregnant, seems a little weird to be jumping forward to a week 16 update, but that’s what comes with only starting a blog at this stage.

I can’t believe we’re already at the end of Week 16, in fact, today I entered Week 17. Time really is steamrolling on and bump is really beginning to show! It’s felt like a long week this week at work, not helped by a couple of late nights back home, so I’m very much looking forward to the weekend and putting my feet up.

Well… I say that… there may not be a great deal of feet-putting-up as this weekend we REALLY need to pack in preparation for our upcoming house move. We’ve been incredibly laid back and should have started much sooner, so we’ve really got our work cut out for us. My motivation is terrible at the best of time, but now I’ve got ‘pregnancy’ as an excuse for feeling tired and lethargic, I’m even worse!

THE BIG NEWS: I felt Pickle move for the first time! I’ve been feeling little rumblings and grumblings and swirls for a while but couldn’t decide whether they were caused by my digestive system or baby… but on Wednesday night, it was unmistakable. Pickle was saying hello! It was the most wonderful feeling and I’ve been feeling lots of little movements since – kind of like a mixture between a flick, a twinge and a pull. If that makes sense? I can only think it must be baby.

Baby Size 16 Weeks

Pickle is the size of… oh, a Pickle!

Pickle is the size of… a Pickle! I was delighted earlier this week to open my pregnancy app and discover Pickle was the size of a Dill Pickle! Made Little’s Pickle’s Dad (LPD) and I chuckle. Incidentally, Pickle is also the size of a Batman Action Figure. I’m guessing they mean a miniature figurine.

I’m feeling… really good this week. No sickness at all, although I have been feeling quite nauseous in the mornings. Nothing a hearty breakfast can’t fix though, which is strange after having gone so many weeks puking up anything that passed my lips before 10am. I have felt pretty tired, although this is to be expected with the few late night’s I’ve had.

Any cravings? Still no real cravings to speak of. Certainly nothing out of the ordinary. Of course, I’ll ‘fancy’ certain foods but that’s just normal for me. There’s been nothing that I’ve absolutely HAD to have or been eating anything odd.

I’m missing… mulled wine! I’ve been continuing to experiment with non-alcohol versions this week and absolutely hit the jackpot with Aldi’s Winter Punch. Honestly, go and treat yourself whether you’re pregnant or not. It’s just hits the spot!

Aldi's Winter Punch

I can thoroughly recommend Aldi’s Non-Alcoholic Winter Punch. YUM!

Looking forward to… Moving house. It’s less than a week until we get the keys now and settling into our new family home is definitely making me chirpy this week.

Roll on Week 17: a house move, a family gathering and somehow need to fit in some Christmas shopping too!