This is a collaborative post.

T’is the season for pregnancy announcements, it seems! My social media timelines are full of happy news sharing, and expanding tummies. Whilst I don’t have any news of the same kind to share (just trying to get a decent night sleep over here… ain’t no time or energy spare for baby-making!), I can’t help but think back to my own pregnancy, and in particular those first few months when everything was so exciting and new. Lots of women say the first trimester is the hardest but for me, that was the best bit. I loved learning about what my body was doing, and how the hormonal changes were taking effect. There was so much to take in! What foods were best to keep myself and baby healthy? What foods did I need to avoid? How many cups of tea were safe to drink in a day? What on earth are pelvic floor exercises and why did I need to do them? Reading this newly created pregnancy infographic from Hartmann, the incontinence specialists, brought it all back for me, and one day, maybe one day, I’ll be reading it afresh with the excitement only a newly discovered pregnancy can bring.

Pregnancy Infographic from Hartmann

So, come on then ladies, how many of us actually did pelvic floor exercises regularly during pregnancy? And how many have you done since? I have to confess… even though I downloaded an app to remind me, I probably only did a few times a week. And I’ve not done any since.

Disclaimer: I am working with Hartmann to help share this infographic. All opinions and views remain my own.