We’ve had a wonderfully busy start to the year, with lots to celebrate and enjoy already which I hope continues for a long time yet. Last year was a tricky one for us, so I’m determined to make 2018 a year for us to try new things, treat ourselves a little bit and take more time away from just being parents. Over the last weekend in January, we definitely made the most of it as I did a candle making workshop, we went off-road driving and then topped it off with an urban Axe Throwing experience at Whistle Punks.

Axe-Throwing Whistle Punks Birmingham sign

Why Axe Throwing?

I first heard about Axe Throwing whilst I was on the hunt for Christmas present ideas for my brothers. They’re so hard to buy for, and as they were due to all go off on a big travelling adventure, I particularly wanted some kind of experience we could all go together as something to remember whilst they were away. When I came across Axe-Throwing, it sounded like just the thing for us all to do together! Different and unique enough to be exciting, daring enough to be thrilling but not dangerous enough to put off the twins who are not really the adrenaline seeking type (they’ll probably hate me for saying that!).

The boys at Axe-Throwing

We’d already had a fairly adventurous day, as we spent the morning doing an off-road driving experience – during which I almost killed us all… but you know, I didn’t, so all is good. I did make the instructor swear quite loudly as he desperately tried to gain back control of the car. Turns out when I panic, I just put my foot down on the accelerator. Not a great idea when you’re teetering at the top of a steep hill. Whoops.

Where is it?

Whistle Punks have venues across the UK in London and Manchester as well as our closest: Birmingham. It looks like they’ll soon be opening a venue in Dublin too. We parked up at the Mailbox, and followed the Maps app until we mistakenly arrived on the wrong side of the building, finding ourselves on Upper Gough Street. Good job I was a bit obsessive about giving ourselves plenty of time to get there, but it wasn’t too long before we’d found the right entrance. If you’re doing the same, I’d recommend trying to putĀ Grange Live Gaming into Google Maps rather than the postcode to make life a bit easier for yourselves.

What is it?

It’s exactly what it sounds like: throwing axes at a target board! Like archery, but without a bow or arrows. There were twelve of us in our lane, none of whom had tried axe-throwing before, and we were all given some expert tuition from the friendliest of instructors to get into the swing of it (pun totally intended) before embarking on a little tournament.

Two axes hitting a target board at Whistle Punks in Birmingham

There are two throwing techniques: the one or two handed throw. I tended to prefer the two-handed throw as I found I could be a bit more accurate with that one but it was still hit or miss (again, pun totally intended) whether my axe would land the target or not. It’s funny, almost straight away – you can tell whether you’ve done a good throw or not. For me, sometimes it would just all come together and I’d be really chuffed and other times, as soon as I let go of the axe I knew it was a dud throw.

Twins Axe-Throwing in unison!

As much as I enjoyed getting to grips with the technique, I loved watching the other people do it too. Not only was it hilarious to see my twin brothers side by side (it was a bit freaky how SIMILAR their throwing technique and timing was…) but it was great to watch those we didn’t know too. I loved seeing couples go against each other, or best friends in fits of giggles. I thought it was brilliant that Whistle Punks purposefully made us mingle, by pairing up different members of different parties to throw at the same time.

A Big High Five to Kyle

We owe a massive thank you to Kyle. He was our host, our instructor and our entertainer for the evening, and thanks to his energy, enthusiasm and wonderful tuition, he really made the night an enjoyable one for all. It’s clear how much he enjoys his job, and that made it all the better for us.

Kyle our instructor at Whistle Punks, from behind with a branded hoody

Would I Recommend?

Absolutely! For a totally memorable, unique experience – this was a great evening out. It’s great for big groups (for large birthday parties or work functions), but also a super cute date night idea. There was a couple celebrating their anniversary doing it in our group and they were having a WHALE of a time. Just be aware – you can’t drink alcohol before or during participation at Whistle Punks Axe Throwing (for obvious reasons), but you’ll have such fun during the ninety minutes that you won’t even need a drink.

Wall of Fame at Whistle Punks, little wooden discs with scores on mounted on a wall

Check out the Whistle Punks website for more information about the other venues and how to book your own experience. If you do, I’d love to know how you get on – and most importantly… what your score was!? Did you get on the Wall of Fame? I didn’t, but I did get to the semi-finals of our little tournament (in the top 4), so I was pretty chuffed with that!

Disclaimer: we were offered this axe throwing experience for the purposes of review, but all views and opinions remain my own.