Ad – PR INVITE (Jim and I were invited to visit The Lost and Found to celebrate the launch of their new The Lost Hours menu. This review was not a requirement of our visit but our evening was complementary.

We always measure time in units: seconds, minutes, hours. But over the last two years, my time spent with Jim can be more easily measured in two categories: quantity and quality. Since the first pandemic lockdown in March 2020, we have both worked from home. We’ve seen each other almost every moment of every day and whilst the quantity of time we’ve spent together has been vast (and certainly more than I ever thought possible), the quality of that time has been distinctly lacking. When offered the opportunity to redress the balance last week, we couldn’t hop on the train quick enough to enjoy a few hours of proper quality time at The Lost and Found in Birmingham.

Close up of The Lost and Found drinks menu with focus on THE LOST AND FOUND wording.

The Lost Hours – After Work Menu

We were invited to The Lost and Found, on Bennetts Hill in Birmingham last week, much to my delight. It’s long been a favourite of mine, a venue that’s perfect for both date night and cocktails with the girls and one that I can’t help but associate with the happy exciting time between when Jim and I got engaged and got married. We must have celebrated lots of little milestones there: suit shopping, wedding fayre visiting, bridesmaid bonding…! It’s also the spot I’ve met friends at for after-work get-togethers, a great central spot that allowed me to easily catch up with former colleagues and discuss our latest news over some great food and a cheeky drink.

Woman reading a drinks menu looking into the camera and smiling at The Lost and Found, Birmingham.

And it’s exactly for that reason that The Lost and Found have recently launched their ‘The Lost Hours’ menu, offering a selection of drinks at a great price to help facilitate that transition between work and home, the professional to the personal. And with some cracking cocktails included in their 2 for £12 cocktail menu between the hours of 3pm – 8pm Monday to Friday, as well as lager, Spritzes and Prosecco, there’s a little something for everyone.

An image of The Lost and Found The Lost Hours drinks menu

The Drinks

With a rare night off parenting duties and Pickle safely at home being put to bed by his Uncle (thanks Ben!), we’d have been excited for just one drink out. But then they gave us free rein to sample as many drinks as we wanted until the end of the Lost Hours menu availability until 8pm and we fully intended to make the most of it. Typically, Jim and I both stuck to our spirits of choice. Gin for me, and Bourbon for Jim. Straight away, I spotted a cocktail that was right up my street: the Raspberry and Rhubarb Sling (No.3 Gin, Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur, rhubarb, lemon, vanilla, peach, elderflower). I was not disappointed. In fact, I was so enamoured that I continued to order it for the rest of the evening, despite my best intentions to try different drinks and be able to report back on a wide variety. What can I say? I know what I like, and if it ain’t broke, why fix it?

Jim opted for the Old Fashioned (Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon, Angostura bitters, orange peel, maple syrup) followed by the Popcorn Old Fashioned (Bulleit Bourbon Whiskey, Licor 43, salted caramel, walnut) which he absolutely loved and came with the sweetest mini cone of popcorn which was a really cool touch! If you’ve got a sweet tooth, the Strawberry Bon Bon was delicious and is also included in the 2 for £12 Lost Hours menu.

Popcorn Old Fashioned cocktail with a mini cone of popcorn at The Lost and Found in Birmingham

The Food

Although we didn’t eat a full meal, we did try a range of canapes and nibbles throughout the evening – and thank goodness or else I’m not sure we’d have been able to walk out of the door without toppling over. From little balls of fried cheese to mini mackerel bites, diddy burgers and some gorgeous meat skewers, it was all delicious: little explosions of flavour in every mouthful. We particularly loved the mini cones of fish goujon and one perfectly cooked chip. I could have kept eating those all evening. I bet their BATTERED COD & TRIPLE COOKED CHIPS on their large plate menu is divine, although I’m not sure it could tempt me away from ordering three small plates for £19.50 and having a proper variety feast.

Appetisers at the Lost and Found in Birmingham

The Decor

From the moment you arrive on Bennetts Hill, The Lost and Found has both architecture and interior design to gawp at and admire, and it really does help set the tone for the evening. It’s high ceilings open up the space and help create a sense of occasion, whilst there are still plenty of little cosy corners tucked away for those wanting a bit more privacy. The greenery over the terraced area in which we were sitting appealed to my outdoorsy nature and always helps me feel like this is somewhere I belong! With so many thoughtful details, it’s got a style to it that makes you walk a little bit taller but without being overly pretentious and unwelcoming.

Green leafy decor with fairy lights and festoon bulbs at The Lost and Found in Birmingham

The Vibe

I can’t talk about our evening and not mention the music. With a DJ playing tunes throughout the evening, there was a great atmosphere but when the saxophonist joined in and starting jamming on top of the tunes, it was INCREDIBLE. I’ve never experienced anything like it, and I couldn’t help but grin like a lunatic. I can still hear one particular tune perfectly in my head and it’s been almost a week later – how’s that for an earworm?

Live Saxophonist playing at The Lost and Found in Birmingham.

Needless to say, Jim and I both had a brilliant evening. And we cannot thank The Lost and Found enough for a night we won’t be forgetting in a hurry. A little shout out to the lovely girl that served us throughout the night Charlotte, who was really lovely. She was not only attentive during what was a really busy event, but she was friendly, approachable and knowledgeable – the perfect combination. Thank you for all your hard work in making our evening so special. We very much hope we’ll be seeing you again soon!

And thanks to this handsome chap. Who was brilliant company, and managed to hold it together despite the unusual amount of alcohol on a school night just long enough to get us home safely before collapsing on the sofa. I’d happily sit and drink cocktails with you any night of the week, sweet.