AD – This is a sponsored blog post. I was kindly sent two pairs of WUKA Flex period pants for the purposes of this review. All content and ideas remain my own, and as always, is 100% honest.

If you follow me online at all (whether it’s by reading this blog, following me on Instagram, a Facebook friend or a fellow Strava user), you’ll know I love nothing more than going out for a long distance walk. To date, that could be anything up to 32 miles. Being outside and exercising for 12 hours plus has huge benefits, and having that much time to indulge in something I love is not something I take for granted.

During my time walking, I’ve done my fair share of wild wees. When you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go. The best places to walk are the remote locations, a route that takes you off the beaten track and far away from civilisation and the luxury of a toilet is hard to come by. But what happens when you’re on your period?

Walking down Snowdon Llanberis path wearing red fleece

To date, I’ve not had to deal with the issue. Whether by happy accident or subconscious design, my longest walks have yet to coincide with my heaviest flow days but it is only a matter of time. When it happens though, I know I will feel confident now that I own WUKA Flex period pants, which unlike your standard period pants, have some amazing features which will allow me to focus on the right things (the view and the feeling of freedom) and not leave me feeling worried and anxious about suitable toilet stops and potential leaks. And that’s before even considering the environmental and financial benefits too. They really are a win-win. As WUKA say, your period shouldn’t cost the earth.

WUKA FLEX Features

The WUKA Flex pants are currently available to purchase online in the WUKA shop with either logo’d straps or detachable straps, in medium or heavy flow. These all come in the colour black, but the detachable straps in medium flow are also available in colours White Sand, Peppercorn or Chocolate Plum.

Woman wearing WUKA Flex period pants with logo strap

I tested out the Medium Flow logo strap (as seen above) and the Medium Flow with detachable strap, both in black. Both can be worn for up to 8 hours, holding 15ml of period flow which is as much as 2 to 3 tampons’ worth.

Whether detachable or not, the straps are what make these pants so unique. The ability to adjust means one pair of pants fits up to 4 sizes (either XS – L or XL to 4XL). These WUKA Flex pants can adapt to suit your changing body, whether it needs that extra flexibility during one wear or over multiple wears. It makes them a great long term investment that can see you through pregnancy and post-partum, bloating (whether that’s period related or otherwise), and normal changes in your size over time especially for young growing bodies. That’s a big thumbs up from me!

WUKA Flex with Detachable Straps Period Pants

Wearing WUKA Flex whilst Running

True story: I once came on my period, unexpectedly, half way around running a marathon. I literally ran over the half way marker and, whoop, felt that unmistakable period feeling. I’d just passed Jim who was waving me on from the sidelines, and genuinely RAN BACK (adding extra precious metres onto that 26.2mile distance) to ask him to go and buy me some sanitary products for when I finished. And I ended up running the second half marathon free-bleeding. Jim reassured me after I crossed the finish line that ‘it wasn’t obvious’ before I walked/hobbled back to our hotel, only to be met with a very large brown-ish stain across my running leggings when I finally looked in the mirror. That was proper bad ass.

That was over nine years ago, and thankfully, I was far more prepared at last weekend’s Timberhonger 10km race. It was hot, I wasn’t feeling well prepared (my hydration was WAY off) and I was on my period – and particularly grumpy and irritable. If it hadn’t been for the fact I’d booked Pickle into the Children’s Challenge and how excited he was to do his first race, I wouldn’t have gone. I knew the race would be tough, but I kept telling myself: well, so am I.

I decided to wear my WUKA Flex pants, with the detachable straps. WUKA stands for: Wake Up Kick Ass and I felt every bit of that sentiment as I geared up for the race in super hot temperatures. From not being sure I was going to attempt it, I stood on that start line feeling fierce and determined to give it my best effort.

I enjoyed every second of that race, and when I saw my boys waving me over the finish line, I definitely did feel like I had kicked some serious ass. And the best part? When I got home, sweaty and tired and sticky, those detachable straps were a lifesaver as it was so easy to take off my WUKA Flex pants and rinse them out in the sink without having to contend with peeling off my shorts. 10/10 would recommend for running!

Recommended for Long Walks

If, like me, you enjoy getting out for miles on end, the WUKA Flex with detachable straps means you can change anywhere without having to fully take off your trousers/boots, whether you’ve made use of the facilities at a pub you’re passing, using some public conveniences or you’ve found a sneaky tucked away spot for a wild wee. Pack yourself a spare pair of pants and a zipped wet bag and you’ll be raring to go for hours of outdoors adventures.

Do you WUKA?

For more information about WUKA, follow them on Instagram @wukawear or check out their WUKA website for more about who they are, what they do and most importantly, why they do it.