As much as we’re both looking forward to the arrival of Pickle, we’re definitely making a conscious effort to really maximise the ‘us’ time we have together beforehand and I really want to continue valuing precious Husband & Wife time when we can post-baby-arrival too! Having had so much wonderful time off together over Christmas, I’m slightly mourning the fact that we’ve both returned to work and no longer can spend all day together.

So last night we decided to use the cinema gift voucher my brother had wonderfully bought me as a birthday present for a date night. We booked our tickets and treated ourselves to a Cheeky Nandos (Medium 1/4 chicken for me, with Peri chips and corn on the cob!) before embarking on the next Star Wars adventure!

Cheeky Nandos Redditch

My choice of cuisine – a Cheeky Nandos!

Now, whilst I’d like to keep this blog focused on pregnancy, baby and parenting… I can’t help but let you know my thoughts on the latest Star Wars episode. Bloody loved it. (Don’t worry, no spoilers here if you’ve not already seen it).

I love the original Star Wars film, and I imagine I’m similar to a lot of other people when I say I’m fairly apathetic about the newer prequel movies. I’ll watch them (and indeed, we did watch them all over the Christmas period!) but they lack the charm of the originals. But yippee, I thought we got that back with Episode VII! It’s not just because we see some of our old favourites again, but the humour is back. The jokes are back. There’s even some elements of self-satire that I loved. You could tell it’s a film made for the fans, by a fan. If you’ve not seen it – go. Yes, it follows a very similar and fairly predictable story arc that doesn’t fall far from the A New Hope tree but it works. It’s a tried and tested story arc for a reason. Oh, and LPD and I both really love Finn. Thumbs up.

Star Wars The Force Awakens Episode VII

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

I’ve still got a hefty amount left on our cinema gift card so hopefully LPD and I can have another cinema date soon. And definitely before Pickle comes along!

Do you have any date night plans before little one arrives? Have you seen Star Wars? What did you think?