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Gardening is the one thing I wish I was a bit more of a natural at. There are a few photos that have been sneaking into the blog and on Instagram over the last few days that I’ve taken during this glorious weather we’ve been having that showcase just how weedy our garden is! The soil is terrible. The ground is cracking. And the grass is patchy and rough. I dream of having a lush green lawn with beautifully presented flowerbeds, but I currently lack the time, the knowledge and the motivation to get it looking the way I’d like.

Thankfully, Rattan Direct have produced this lovely infographic which gives beginners like me some much needed guidance! Whether you’re reading this in the height of the current summer or months down the line in the winter, there’s tips on what you should be doing with your garden to get it to it’s finest condition.

How Your Garden Transforms Through the Seasons

We often think as spring and summer as being the only season during which time our garden is active but, as this infographic from Rattan Direct shows, the garden is alive with growth and bugs in every season.

Winter to Summer Rattan Direct Infographic

How do the Seasons Change Your Garden?

The garden is valuable outdoor space, especially in the warmer summer months. Children play outside in the warm sunshine, you can relax and read the latest best seller.

But do you wish your garden was more bountiful, flowers more abundant and more yield from your vegetable plot?

Are You Making the Most of the Seasons?

The seasons are the gardener’s friend if you know how to protect your soil from the frosts of winter or when to plant seedlings.

And this infographic explains everything you need to know about seasons and the garden

The garden needs protecting from the cold of WINTER. It also needs protecting from the rain and the wind, two elements that empty the soil of its nutrients.

As the garden awakes in SPRING, you need to make sure the shoots of new growth have everything they need to grow strong and resplendent.

In SUMMER, you enjoy the full glory of the garden, knowing your hard work has paid off. Gorge of fresh home-grown fruits and fill your summer plates with fresh vegetables.

Enjoy the colours of AUTUMN and the last of the vegetable crops and fruit harvest. Begin to wrap the garden back up so that it can weather everything the winter throws at it.


Gardening Through the Seasons with Rattan Direct

With these tips, I reckon we can start to get our garden in order… We’ll soon have a gorgeous yard for Pickle to play around in. This time next year, it’ll be our little outdoor haven!