This post contains gifted items from Jacamo.

No matter the weather, the weekends are all about spending time outside for me. After four days of being sat in an office, in the middle of an open plan office away from any of the windows (why are my desks at work always the furthest away from the window?), I need to fit a whole week’s worth of fresh air and natural light into Saturday and Sunday. Not to mention, I’m usually itching to get my camera out and stretch my creative muscles.

LPD and Pickle stood on a bridge by the lake at Baddesley Clinton

Recently, that’s meant a hockey game on a Saturday morning and for the last two weekends, a National Trust day out on Sunday. Two weeks ago, we wrapped up warm and made a special trip to a very special local NT property to us: Baddesley Clinton.

Our Wedding Day at Baddesley Clinton

The bridge entrance to the property at NT Baddesley Clinton in Warwickshire

On 11th April 2015, I walked across this very bridge, in all my wedding finery to greet my now husband with a huge smile on my face. We’d gotten legally married that morning in Solihull, and were now all dressed up ready to hold our own ceremony with all our family and friends – but not before we enjoyed a walk around the NT property Little Pickle’s Dad had spent the months before volunteering at with our wonderful photographer Louise Holgate (you can see a few of our wedding photos on my First Wedding Anniversary post).

Pickle and LPD walking at NT Baddesley Clinton

Now, it’s me who’s the photographer. Following around my boys, snapping away and enjoying every moment.

Pickle wrapped up warm at Baddesley Clinton

Love Keeps You Warm

It’s funny the things you remember from your wedding day… I had been worried for months beforehand that I might be cold. I like to be cosy warm, and the idea of spending time outside in just a cap-sleeved dress on what could have been a chilly early Spring day made me a little nervous. I needn’t have worried. Not only was it a lovely balmy day, the temperature was the last thing on my mind as I waltzed through the day on a cloud.

Walking through the grounds of Baddesley Clinton with Pickle

As we were taking our couples portraits in the grounds of Baddesley Clinton, walking the same path as I am there with Pickle, a couple of ladies who must have been in their 60s walked past us – wrapped up warm in big padded coats, scarves and hat. As we walked past, they congratulated us on our marriage and told us we looked beautiful, before one of the ladies asked ‘Oh, aren’t you cold in that dress?’.

Before I had time to answer, the other woman answered for me: ‘Don’t be silly, love keeps you warm.’

Walking with Pickle at Baddesley Clinton

I can’t look back at our photos without remembering that. It made me smile then, and it makes me smile still now. It was such a lovely little moment.

We still need our coats in February though…

As much as I loved that sentiment, our coats were very much needed in the crisp February air. Little Pickle’s Dad was particularly excited to put his new Joe Browns coat from Jacamo to the test, which they kindly sent for him. It’s really nice to see him in a Parka, a style he’s not really tried before – but it really suits him! And he loves all the pockets… He made me laugh when he pulled his National Trust membership card out of his ‘secret’ pocket, which is also home to his train pass. All the important things, then.

Returning back to this special place for us will never grow old. I love the idea of Pickle understanding when he’s older, and recognising the property from our wedding photos. At the moment, he just loves seeing all the ducks and he particularly loved going over all the bridges. LPD and Pickle even had a little go and building their own den.

Little Pickle's Dad trying to furnish a woodland den at NT Baddesley Clinton in his Joe Brown coat from Jacamo

Big Smiles All Around

We had to cut our trip short so that we could travel back home to watch the Rugby, which resulted in a bit of a toddler meltdown… but at least that showed us how much he enjoyed our time there. And I’m glad I’ve got these cheery photos to remind us of the laughter during our trip out, rather than the frustrating ordeal of trying to get a stubborn toddler into his car seat.

Pickle running through NT Baddesley Clinton with a big smile

There’s no one I’d rather run around in the cold with then these boys. And there’s no place I’d rather do it than here, where precious memories are brought quickly back to the surface, and I’m reminded how very lucky I am to be surrounded by such warm love.

Handsome LPD in the trees at Baddesley Clinton

Disclaimer: Little Pickle’s Dad was sent this coat from Jacamo in exchange for coverage on the blog. All views and opinions remain my own.