I was so hoping I’d have this post ready to go for this morning but… by the time I’d got in last night and got Pickle to bed (because LPD hadn’t managed that, even though it was pretty late!), I didn’t have that long before bed was calling. Nevertheless, here I am, sharing the things we’ve loved this past fortnight. It’s quite a mixed bag! #LittleLoves



At the beginning of this month, I launched a new linky called #OurYesterYear and I’ve really enjoyed reading the posts that have been linked up to it. It’s fascinating to see what other bloggers were writing about this time last year, and I love seeing how writing styles have developed and changed and how families have grown in that time.

In other reading news, I’m feeling quite guilty as I haven’t been reading as much with Pickle as I used to. Our bedtime routine is a bit all over the shop at the moment – and the results speak for themselves. Some nights he’s going to bed at 7pm like normal, but more often than not, it’s been 9.30pm before we’ve been able to flop on the sofa child free. I keep telling myself that it’s because of the heat, but really, I think it’s because I’m not sticking to our normal bedtime routine. It does make such a difference.

Reading with Pickle Bedtime Routine




Because Pickle hasn’t been sleeping in the evenings, it has meant that our child-free time has been very limited. There hasn’t been much leisurely TV viewing going on this last fortnight… but we have been able to enjoy a few episodes of the new series of Orange is the New Black and we’re loving the latest Better Call Saul episodes on Netflix. Is anyone else up to date!? That Season Three finale was a bit of a major cliffhanger, right? I won’t give it away in case you haven’t watched it but… I did not see that coming.



I don’t know if this is weird, because I haven’t even seen the film yet, but I’ve become obsessed with one of the tracks from the Moana soundtrack: You’re Welcome. It’s the first thing I play in the morning – I love singing it to Pickle and trying to do funny voices. Maybe I love it especially more because I’ve got a bit of a thing about manners. You have no idea how excited I was the other night when it really sounded like Pickle was trying to say ‘please’. It sounded a little bit more like ‘peas’ but I’m sure that’s what he was trying to say!



This is far from the best craft I’ve ever done, but I was weirdly proud of my quick tree I fashioned to hold Pickle’s Matchstick Monkeys. I used our mug tree, and just wrapped a bit of washi tape around the arms, a bit of twine about the stem and added a few bits of green paper packaging for makeshift leaves. It looks pretty cool, right? He’s in a stage where he really enjoys working out how things fit together so any kind of game or toy that involves stacking, threading or sorting and he’s enthralled by it. I love seeing the look of concentration on his face, and it’s got to be good for his spacial awareness, hasn’t it?

Matchstick Monkey Tree Craft

Matchstick Monkeys Mug Tree Craft



Last night, I did something a little out of my comfort zone and attended a lovely style event hosted by Stella & Dot. They have the most beautiful range of jewellery and accessories, and I’ve practically been drooling over their entire collection ever since. Beforehand though, I was really nervous about what to wear to the event. I’m far from a fashion blogger, and especially since becoming a parent, I feel like the least stylish person ever. There’s something about getting used to your new body shape that means you suddenly have to figure out all over again what suits you and what doesn’t, what fashion trends you can get away with and what will just look silly… and I haven’t had time to do that yet.

Thankfully, I have some VERY cool friends that gave me some tips on what to wear and gave their approval when I sent them some Whatsapp photos of me in the Tesco changing room. Because, you know… Moms shop at Tesco.

Gingham Frill Trim Top from Tesco

This is the top I went for, and I love it! It’s sure to be one of my go-to outfit choices this summer. Thankfully, I have some pretty cool accessories from Stella & Dot to wear with it now, including this lovely silver knot bracelet.

Knot Bracelet from Stella and Dot




In other news, I had a GREAT meeting this morning. I’m going to do that really annoying thing where I say how excited I am about something but not reveal what it is… But it won’t remain a mystery for long, I’m sure. I’ve got my hands full over the next week with lots of blog deadlines coming up, and as of Sunday, I’ll be looking after THREE children not just one! Eeek. My parents are going away for a week and I’m taking on the reins as the foster carer for their two foster placements. I have no idea what I’ve let myself in for…


Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat
Disclaimer: this post may include Affiliate links (signalled with a *). If you decide to purchase, it doesn’t affect the price you pay at all but means I receive a small financial incentive. I won the Matchstick Monkeys in a competition at the Blog On Conference I attended in May, and I was invited to the Stella & Dot fashion event as a blogger and received this bracelet in my attendance goody bag.