Every now and then, I take a step back and evaluate whether I’m still doing what I intended with this blog: to learn and develop my own skills as well as creating an online memory book of sorts for our little family. I’ve really been enjoying joining in with a couple of linkies that are a little weekly reminder for me to write about The Ordinary Moments and our Little Loves. Whilst I’m getting better at writing more regularly and capturing all these precious memories I hope to relive, I’m very rarely going back to read them. And so, with that in mind, this new linky idea came to me. #OurYesterYear is a chance for you to go back to see what you wrote about this time last year.

OurYesterYear Linky

One Year Ago – Introducing Pickle!

It’s no surprise that as Pickle’s first birthday rapidly approaches, I’ve been doing a lot of looking back to this time last year. I just can’t really believe we’ve already hit the one year mark. When I reread my Introducing Pickle – Finally blog post, it took me straight back to that first month. To the initial rush of relief that he was born safely, and to staying up all night cradling him and just staring at his perfect little face. To being surprised at how easy I found getting up at all hours of the night to feed, and to taking endless selfies of me with my little babe.

Precious Newborn Snuggles

It also took me back to the dreaded whirlwind of hormones that ‘Day 5’ brought. To the horrible crushing feeling that I wasn’t feeding him correctly and the crippling worry that he wasn’t putting on weight as he should have been. And then having all of the worry and paranoia completely offset by the sheer joy of seeing the scales move in the right direction, and being so proud of him for gaining just an ounce.

I suppose that boils down parenting really… you can be feeling frustrated, upset and self-doubting one minute but all it takes is a smile or a hug or something unexpectedly adorable for you to then feel on top of the world. And it’s one rollercoaster I’ll be very happy to continue riding as the years continue to tick by.

Sleeping baby

I think this will always be one of my favourite photos of my baby boy. It must have been one of the only times I actually put him in the little cot in the hospital as most of the time, I just held him! My hospital notes were hilarious – every single entry written in it from the midwives (no matter the time of day or night) said ‘Mum and baby having skin to skin’. When people ask me what my tips for breastfeeding would be – that’s the biggest one I can think of. Just cuddle as much as you can, because I’m sure if I hadn’t have held him as much as I did, I wouldn’t still be feeding him today. All of that lovely oxytocin works wonders for your milk supply!

And with that, I best put the laptop away and begin birthday weekend preparations. I have a house to tidy, presents to wrap and a cake to bake. And a not so little baby to keep cuddling, whilst he’ll still let me. What a year to look back on.

#OurYesterYear Linky

And now it’s your turn. I’d love for you to take a look back at the blog posts or photos you took in June last year (or in 2015 and beyond if you fancy!). Enjoy the little trip down memory lane and feel free to join in the fun here by adding links to your old blog posts or to a new reflective post. If you’re not a blogger, use the #OurYesterYear hashtag on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to share an old photo.

How it works

On the 1st of every month, a new #OurYesterYear linky will open, and remain open until the end of the month. There are several ways you can take part:

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  • Link up with a new blog post that reflects upon a post or posts written previously (this is what I’ll be doing!)
  • Use the hashtag #OurYesterYear on social media

You can add up to two links over the course of the month if you’d like, and although there aren’t any rules or requirements as such, it’s nice to share the love and take a look at at least another couple of bloggers’ posts too. If you’d like to add this badge to your post, please feel free to copy and paste the code below.

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