It’s been a long time since I’ve captured an Ordinary Moment, so this feels long overdue. And it couldn’t be better timed because I needed just something ordinary this Saturday. Nothing exciting or momentous – but a little ordinary thing to help me get out of a bit of a bad mood.  Because that’s the best thing about The Ordinary Moments, right? That you can find joy in the everyday.

I hadn’t had a particularly bad day for any reason. Nothing had particularly upset me. I didn’t really have a reason to be upset, but nevertheless, come 6pm I was in a right foul mood. I think I was frustrated because I hadn’t been out of the house all day. I’d been trying to tidy and even though I’d made quite a lot of progress, after just a couple of hours of play, it looked like I hadn’t done anything. And then I was just bringing up things to wind myself up even more… worrying about my car situation (my car died recently, I’ve had it scrapped and I can’t afford a new car), wondering if I should be going back to work, panicking about money. You know the drill.

Arrow Valley Lake Redditch

So we fed Pickle. Got him changed for bed. And then bundled him in the pram for a walk around the lake. This isn’t the first time I’ve written about a walk around the lake as my Ordinary Moment but I guess that just goes to show how important that place is to me. I felt better even by the time I got to the end of the drive.

The Ducks at Arrow Valley Lake

After a walk around the lake, the fresh air and the order of a Chinese takeaway for when we got back, we turned the day around. And thank god that I had calmed myself down because Pickle was a right pain going to sleep. He screamed for ages. He wouldn’t settle. He didn’t want milk. He didn’t want to be held. But he didn’t want to be put down either. Oh, nothing was working. It wasn’t only after he’d completely exhausted himself that he finally conked out, and I could eat my chicken balls.

Photo of Pickle in his Pram

Look at that face! He LOOKS like trouble, doesn’t he? This wasn’t a good Saturday. It wasn’t a horrific one. It was just… a bleurgh one. But I’m glad at least that it ended better than it could have done. Oh, how very ordinary.

The Ordinary Moments