I’ve become a little obsessed with reading what goals and ambitions others have for this year. I find it so inspiring to hear how others are planning to make changes (however big or small) and I love the idea that so many of us are wanting to take control of our own future happiness and success. Last year, I had a set of goals that were very blogging specific, and that was definitely my focus in 2018. For 2018, I want to focus a bit more on myself. (How very selfish). So, whilst I do have some modest blogging goals that I’ve written down, here are my personal 18 for 2018 that are nothing to do with work, blogging or career.

Pickle walking outside in Sutton Park with woolly hat on


  1. Streamline our household finances so that we can start actively saving for a house deposit.
  2. Continue living frugally, without buying things for the sake of it.
  3. Shop around for bills and utilities – make sure we’re getting a good deal.

I’ll definitely be following Katy’s blog (KatyKicker) very closely to soak up her money advice and motivation. I’ve also been hearing a lot about Dave Ramsey and his book: The Complete Money Makeover* which I’m really tempted to buy and read through. It sounds a little ‘hardcore’ but some big changes need to happen if we’re ever going to be in a position to buy our own house. It’s all systems go!

Mommy and Baby post run


  1. Complete a Dry January – and make a note of all the subsequent health benefits as a reminder for the future.
  2. Drink more water, and cut back on sugary drinks.
  3. Attempt to shift the remaining ‘baby weight’ (can you call it that when your baby is now a toddler?), and feel more comfortable in my clothes.
  4. Continue running at least one 5km a week. Use whatever motivation necessary!

We don’t have any working scales in our house so I can’t be sure of my current weight, but I’d bet a lot of money that it’s much higher than I’d like it to be. Whilst I know a number on the scales is no indication of health or beauty, I know I’m carrying a few extra pounds that I’d feel better about if they were to disappear. I just need to be very honest and strict with myself – and stop snacking on so much chocolate when I’m at home on my own all day!

nursery photos baby


  1. Find a place for all our belongings and keep all surfaces clutter free. This is going to be a real challenge for me.
  2. Print off and display more family photographs.
  3. Spend ten minutes at the end of each day to spruce up the living room so it’s a nicer space to relax and unwind in after Pickle’s bedtime.

Decluttering is something LPD and I always come back to. We know we have too much stuff in our little two-up, two-down house and we need to do some drastic clearing out. It’s not that we have a lot of expensive stuff, but rather that we get weirdly sentimental about a lot of little things. I need to keep reminding myself that the tidying, cleaning and organising of the house will be so much easier once there’s less stuff in it.

knitting wool colours for baby

Hobbies & Past-times

  1. Dedicate more guilt-free time to crafts, and ensure I finish one project before starting another one.
  2. Use supplies I already have before buying new craft supplies – I don’t need anymore decorative paper, wool or fabric for the time being.
  3. Dedicate more time to reading for pleasure/relaxation. Seek out book recommendations from friends, write them in a list and work my way through them.
  4. Declutter the books we have in the house that are taking up valuable room and are likely not to be read again.

I’ve recently learned how to crochet, and I’m really loving it. It’s so nice to spend some time creating something, a habit I’ve gotten out of lately. I love the feeling of accomplishment I have once I finish a project and I particularly enjoy making things to give as gifts.

Little Pickle's Mom and Dad cup of tea alfresco


  1. Make spending quality time with LPD more of a priority: set a date a month for a date night and STICK TO IT.
  2. Spend more time with family – just because. Not for a particular reason or to do anything special, but just to have a cup of tea and enjoy their company.

This is a big one for me. I’m so blessed to have so many treasured friends and family members around me, and I know I don’t see half of them as much as I would like. It’s too easy just to laze around at home, getting nothing accomplished when we could be spending precious time with those we love. As a bonus, if I can get the house under control and have it looking more presentable – it’d be great to host people here more often.

Toddler Performing a Tent Inspection


  1. Enjoy lots of little camping getaways – a mixture of booking in advance, and being spontaneous when the weather looks good. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to enjoy a lovely family weekend away.
  2. Explore some new geographical areas as a family. In particular, I’d like to climb Snowdon and go on a walking break in the Peak District.

My favourite weekend from last year was the Bank Holiday weekend we spent camping. It was cheap as chips and it was the most relaxed I’ve been in a long time. I want more little breaks like that – away from technology and just enjoying the time spent in the fresh air. It’s so good for the soul! I’m a sucker for going to the same place, over and over again, so I want to make a real effort to go somewhere new. Explore more of this wonderful country of ours.

With a bit of determination…

With a bit of determination, and some careful planning – my 18 for 2018 are all totally achievable. And I love that they are all in my own court. They don’t rely on outside factors or influences, they are 100% reliant on me pulling my finger out and making the changes I want to see. I’m feeling good. I’m feeling motivation. And I’m feeling excited for the year ahead.

Mommy and Pickle on the Carousel at Drayton Manor

Are you working towards any similar goals? Or do you have something else in mind? Let me know, and maybe we can help boost each other along! Now to give some fellow bloggers an incentive to get goal setting: Sherry, Michelle and Jaymee – I tag you to post your 18 goals for 2018 too. I can’t wait to have a read.