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We only went away for three days over the August Bank Holiday weekend but I completely managed to fill the memory card in my camera – which I didn’t even manage to do when we went away for a whole week, so I definitely went a bit shutter-happy. I loved capturing so many memories from our family holiday, but I’m determined to do something with them this year, rather than just have a random album on my computer that barely gets opened or viewed. I wasn’t surprised to discover that only 12.5% of holidaymakers get their photos printed, and I want to be in the minority!

I’ve scoured the internet (read: Pinterest) for some ideas on fun ways I can relive our holiday using our photos throughout the home.

Photo Printing

Firstly, it’d be a step in the right direction to just get some printed! I’ve been using the FreePrints photo app when I remember for the past few months and I find that helps me be more regular in my photo printing. You get 45 free prints per month (you only pay the postage), and knowing that I ‘lose’ those free prints if I don’t use them by the end of the month means I’m more motivated to at least get a handful printed. If you fancy joining, you can use the invite code: hhancocks2 and we’ll both get an extra five prints a month! Bonus.

FreePrints App Photo Printing

Finding Cheap Frames

Now that I’m not at work, trying to find things on the cheap is a bit of a must. I’d love to spend money on some unique and gorgeous frames but I just can’t justify it these days… that said, thankfully, there are lots of places where you can pick up simple and cheap frames. They may not be the best quality, but I figure, it’s better than nothing and we can always upgrade at a later date.

Getting Crafty

If we didn’t have such an abundance of coasters in our house, I’d love to make some more coasters now that I’ve learned how at Homebase with my Mother’s Day Crafts post. We have some great ones that my friend Katie made for us with our wedding photos, and it’s always exciting to use them – takes me right back every time, although getting tea-mug rings on even a picture of my wedding dress does make me feel slightly on edge!


I also spotted this lovely idea to decorate a notebook from Pie N’ The Sky which I’d love to try out. Maybe if Pickle does down nicely to bed one night after I’ve gotten the photos printed, I could give it a go as I don’t think it’d take long to do and would be a nice easy make.

Finding Wall Space

For Christmas last year, my brother bought me a large wall canvas of a photo from Pickle’s Non-Christening Day. I absolutely love it, and it really makes our lounge feel more like ours (even though we currently rent). We have a shockingly low amount of family photos on display and that’s something I want to rectify.

Sleeping Pickle in a Maise Maze!

I think this photo from our recent Bank Holiday camping trip would make for a gorgeous canvas print in our bedroom. What do you think?

So, where are you heading on your next holiday? And what will you be doing with your photos once you come back? If you need a bit on inspiration, definitely check out these holiday destinations – something to whet your appetite with. I quite fancy a trip to Mexico one day (may have to save up for that one!), to do a spot of whale watching – how amazing would that be? And definitely photo-worthy!

Disclaimer: This post idea was given to me by Destination2, but all content and opinions remain my own.