There’s something extra magical about sharing something with your child that you remember enjoying yourself, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar is definitely one of those things. I don’t know what it is about Eric Carle’s book, but I absolutely loved it as a child. I don’t think we had our own copy at home (correct me if I’m wrong Mom – I know you’ll be reading this!), but it was one of those books that if ever I saw it – at school, the library, a friend’s house – it called out to me to be read. The Jolly Postman was the same! And Spot the Dog. I was obviously a sucker for books with in-built activities.

Imagine my delight when we were sent some baby-friendly The Very Hungry Caterpillar goodies to test out: a baby change mat, a developmental toy and a bath robe. They were put to good use straight away, as soon as they landed on the doorstep (especially as they arrived the day after I accidentally left our change bag mat at a friend’s house!).

The World of Eric Carle Change mat and toy

We had bought a change mat for the house from Ikea before Pickle was born, but I never really got on with it because the edges had to be inflated (which I found a bit of a faff). I don’t think I’ve actually ever used it… In comparison, I’ve used this mat several times a day since it arrived! The foam edges of this mat are much better and the mat gives a nice solid but comfortable base for Pickle to lie on. Even though it’s waterproof, Pickle’s bare skin doesn’t ‘stick’ to it either. It also rather handily fits under the sofa, so I tend to keep it under there during the day time so I can just slide it out when I need it and hide it back away when it’s not in use. Perfect.

hungry baby very hungry caterpillar

Maybe not so tiny anymore, but this one is definitely hungry!

It’s such a little thing, but every time I lie him down over the ‘Tiny but very Hungry’ slogan, it makes me chuckle. So true. Sometimes, when you’re having a less-than-ideal day, a detail like that can bring a little ray of sunshine in.

Developmental toy

The different textures and colours of the toy make it a really exciting thing for Pickle to play with!

I’m also really impressed with the developmental toy. I wasn’t sure what to expect but the bright colours are engaging and Pickle seems to enjoy making the crinkling noise. To begin with, it didn’t hold his attention as much as some of his other toys, but as he’s got better at holding and grasping, he’s enjoying it more and more. The bright contrast between the colours is visually stimulating and Pickle enjoys waving it around the most!

baby hungry caterpillar

I really love this photo… I can’t quite put my finger on why but I think it captures Pickle wonderfully.

We received the cuddle robe a bit later than the change mat and toy, and I was gutted it arrived just after we’d set off for Center Parcs as it would have been lovely to have taken with us to the pool there (especially as it turned out all our other baby towels were in the wash!). It was an exciting parcel to return home to though and after a particularly messy orange-eating adventure, an early afternoon bath was needed.

Eric Carle robe

I love how the colours in the towel match our lovely pom pom garland from Sweet Es Party Shop!

It was packaged so beautifully, I almost didn’t want to unwrap it – I really think this would make a lovely gift for a new baby or expectant family. The towel has a hooded corner so it’s easy to wrap and cuddle baby up and snuggle them dry. Be careful though… Pickle totally wee-d all over me, the cuddle robe and the bed. Joy. That’ll teach me for spending time taking photos rather than concentrating on putting a nappy back on him! Ah well, it’s a good job he looks so cute in it – it’s all worth it. It’s a shame we’ve only started using it as I feel it could do with being a little bit bigger (Pickle is quite a tall baby already) but it’s suitable from birth and is 100% cotton, so it’s lovely and soft.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar cuddle robe

I’m so grateful that we were sent these little treats for Pickle, and I can wholeheartedly recommend them. If you fancy picking up any of these or anything else in the World of Eric Carle range, then you can check out their special Amazon shop by clicking here. I particularly like the look of the gel soother and the wall stickers! There’s some bits and pieces that would make excellent stocking fillers… I may have to expand our own collection.

For all the latest The Very Hungry Caterpillar news, competitions and more, check out The World of Eric Carle on Facebook. I’ve just spotted on there that there’s a Hungry Caterpillar theatre show! I absolutely love the sound of that.

Please note: we were sent these items for the purposes of this review but all opinions are my own and as always, are 100% honest.