Note: I’ve written this post on 23 December, but scheduled it for a later publishing date for obvious reasons (read below!).

After buying my first item of clothing for Pickle last week (Baby Purchase: First item of Clothing), it seems I’ve opened the floodgates and now I want to BUY ALL THE THINGS. I have resisted, but that doesn’t stop me looking.

However, I did think it would be nice to buy Little Pickle’s Dad a present from Pickle for Christmas.

Present to Dad from Baby

Actually, it’s kind of more a present for Pickle as it’s baby clothes but I’m sure he’ll appreciate it… By the time this post gets published, he’ll have opened it – fingers crossed it gets a good reaction!

I ordered it from the Next website although it seems to have disappeared off there now. I’m not usually one to go for slogan clothing – especially on babies. Feels like putting words in their mouths, which they can’t argue against and have no choice about, but I’m sure LPD will appreciate the sentiment. They’ve got some gorgeous unisex baby stuff so will be keeping an eye out for any bargains in the sale and in the run up to Pickle’s Due Date.

Becky over at Becky’s Place has blogged about another item at Next which I’ve seen (To buy or not to buy?): a super cute yellow duck set. I’ve also got my eyes on some of the spring toadstool sleepsuits too (which are technically in the girls section, but I reckon could be unisex!).

Baby sleepsuits Next

Baby sleepsuits available at Next

I’m planning on getting LOTS of babygrows and sleepsuits. We all know how comfy onesies are so that’s my plan for Pickle – dress them in lots of comfy onesies that are easy to move in. Job’s a good’un.

Let me know what you’ve been buying for your little ones!