Before I start this post, let me first say this… I don’t know how it is where you live but round here… NO SHOPS ACTUALLY STOCK MATERNITY CLOTHES. Yes, their websites will have a maternity section, but when it comes to wanting to actually try the damn things on, it’s pretty near impossible. This doesn’t really bother me when it comes to tops and jumpers, or even dresses as I can handle things being a bit big if needs be… but I’m the most awkward person to buy trousers for at the best of times, let alone now I’m pregnant, so knowing what size without trying it out is hopeless.


So far, my maternity clothes search had produced very little!

Before Christmas, I popped into our fairly large shopping centre to pick up the Next babygrow I’d bought for LPD (Baby Purchase: Love Daddy Babygrow) and asked the woman at the till if they stocked any of the maternity range in store. She looked at me like I asked her if they stocked farmyard animals and said ‘No, you just order online.’ I explained that I was hoping to try things on as I wasn’t sure what size I would be and again, she looked at me like I was a right idiot. ‘You just buy your normal size. The clothes are made to accommodate your growing bump.’

YES. AND THAT WOULD BE FINE IF I HAD A NORMAL SIZE, BUT I DON’T! I can be two different trouser sizes in the same shop depending on the cut of the trousers. In my wardrobe, I have trousers that all fit me that range over about 4 different sizes. No joke. I calmly thanked her anyway and made my way to the only shop that I knew in town that did have a maternity stuff in store (albeit the tiniest range ever), H&M.

Excited to have different styles to try on, I grabbed a variety of styles (and sizes) and took myself to the changing rooms. Weirdly, the maternity section wasn’t with the Ladieswear downstairs and was upstairs with the Menswear and as the changing rooms were un-manned, I may have ended up in the Men’s changing rooms but no one else was in there, so no harm done.

Once I’d put them on… I never wanted to take them off. How could one item of clothes be so comfortable?! I think I even remember doing lunges in the dressing room and bending down, amazed that nothing was digging into my tummy. I didn’t even need to look at the price – I was sold. I was half tempted to take them to the till whilst still wearing them.

H&M MAMA Boyfriend Trashed Jeans - £29.99

H&M MAMA Boyfriend Trashed Jeans – £29.99

I ended up buying a pair of Size 12 and a pair of Size 10 (see what I mean about the sizes?). Shh… don’t tell anyone but one of the pairs cost over £50. I don’t think I’ve ever paid that much for jeans in my life but they were seriously cosy. I didn’t just want them, I’d convinced myself I needed them. I have alternately worn these jeans pretty much every day since so I think they’ve already been a worthwhile investment, without even considering the months of future wear I’ll get out of them.

If you’re on the fence trying to decide whether or not to take the plunge into maternity wear yet… do it. You won’t regret it. I had some strange notion that I’d hold off wearing anything maternity for as long as I could, but do yourself a favour and give in – your body will thank you for it!