Back in the days before our pregnancy was public knowledge, I found a forum on MumsNet with a thread for Mums due in May which I was pretty much addicted to. As we didn’t want our baby news to be public until after the all clear from the 12 week scan, this was the only place where I felt I could freely babble about babies and pregnancy without the risk of blowing my cover.

Since we’ve gone ‘public’, I’ve used the forum a lot less. Still, a group of the May Mums have gotten together and created a Secret Facebook group which I’m part of. It’s been a great source of support and topics on there range from sharing baby scan photos to discussing tiredness levels, debating pram options to notifying others of special parenting events or offers which is where I heard about the Mothercare Expectant Parent events too.

Last week, one of the May Mums alerted us all to a fantastic offer on Amazon for an Innoo Baby Sling. She gave us a promotional code that entitled us to £15 off, discounting it from £19.99 to just £4.99. Although I hadn’t looked into the various options, I do really like the idea of baby slings and I thought for that price, you can’t really say no. It’s got to be worth a punt – I figured even if I didn’t like it or it didn’t suit us when Pickle was here, it was only £4.99 and I’m sure I could pass it on to someone else.

I even forfeited my free Next Day Delivery (I have Prime membership) so I could get a £1 Amazon credit for the Kindle store too! Bonus! That technically makes it £3.99, right? God, I love a bargain.

I was going to share the promotional code on here (already shared it on Twitter!), but it’s sadly the code is no longer valid. However, the sling has now been reduced to about £15 anyway so still pretty cheap if you fancy one. Obviously I won’t be trying this product out until Pickle is here, so can’t really vouch for it personally yet but I’m sure it’ll be worth it. Another thing ticked off the list.