I cannot tell you how excited I am about our latest baby purchase – our very own Snüzpod! If you’re already a parent, I’m sure you’ve already heard of it but if you haven’t… well, read on.

Snuzpod colour options

The colour options for the wonderful SnuzPod: White, Natural, Grey and Espresso

LPD and I first came across The Little Green Sheep a few years ago. They’re a company based in our hometown and were advertising for an office manager at the time. LPD was desperate for a job change, looked into the company, thought he’d go for it and was delighted to be offered an interview. He came back RAVING about them. He loved the ethos, the work ethic and the guys he met that ran the company. Even though having Pickle wasn’t even on our radar at that point, I have to admit to getting a little excited at the thought of him working for a baby-orientated company and thought it boded well for our future together! Sadly, he didn’t get the job but that doesn’t mean The Little Green Sheep has fallen off our radar.

The LIttle Green Sheep

The SnüzPod is the wonderful creation of Little Green Sheep and offers parents a co-sleeping solution that is supported by The Lullaby Trust. Here are the key features as detailed on the website:


Easily comfort, bond and feed without having to leave the bed

3 in 1 design; bedside crib, stand-alone crib, bassinet

Safe alternative to bed-sharing

Ideal for Mums who have had caesarean sections

Removable Bassinet

Washable, breathable fabric Pod

See through zip-down mesh wall

Newborn to 6 months

Includes straps for securing to bed (both standard framed and Divan/solid base)

SnuzPod has been tested to and passed British Standards BS EN 1130 (cribs and cradles) and is the only bedside crib to pass BS EN 1466 (moses baskets)

The main selling point for me was that it’s suitable for baby from 0 – 6 months, meaning it’ll last Pickle until we’re ready to put them in their own room (following the latest SID prevention guidelines). I also lazily love the idea of not having to even get out of bed in order to do night-time feeds, bonus.

Snuzpod Natural

Ah, I just can’t wait for it to arrive.

We decided to go for the Natural colour option to match our bedroom furniture. It hasn’t even been delivered yet but I’m already imagining it next to the bed and can’t wait to construct it… although, should probably wait a bit. There should be quite a few months until Pickle’s arrival if everything goes to plan. The reason we ordered so soon was that many retailers were doing a special January offer which saved us money when buying the mattress and bedding together too. Also, NCT are running a promotion where one person who orders a SnüzPod in January will get their whole order for free! Fingers crossed it’s us… Like my own Mum says, Lady Luck does sit on my shoulder.

The popularity of the SnüzPod is undeniable and having read copious reviews online from parents, I know we’ll love it. Now just to convince LPD that we need the Snüz Cloud Nine bedding to match!
Snuz bedding Cloud Nine

Snuz also have a beautiful range of bedding to match… this would look beautiful in our nursery which has light grey walls.

Just wanted to make it clear that I haven’t been paid or sponsored by The Little Green Sheep or Snüz to write this. I’m just genuinely this much of a fan!