In my last blog post, I did a cheeky comparison of training for a marathon (Marathon vs. Pregnancy) and now we move onto Race Day/Labour itself!

Race Day/Labour

I’ve obviously not given birth yet, so as much as I’ve read the books and heard stories, I have NO IDEA how this part of the comparison goes. But if it’s anything like a marathon, it’ll be like this:

Starting Line: Adrenaline running high, feeling perhaps a little cautiously confident. I can do this.

Starting line Brighton Marathon

Actually, maybe not that confident!

Mile One: Blimey, that bit went quick. If the rest of it goes like this, it’ll be a breeze.

Mile Five: Feeling alright, but there’s still a long way to go isn’t there?

Mile Thirteen: The half way mark! Yippee! Well that first bit didn’t go that bad, I reckon I’ll be okay.

Brighton Marathon half way mark

LPD and I at the half way mark of our first marathon – and look at that smile!

Mile Fifteen: Spoke too soon, this is getting ridiculously hard.

Mile Seventeen: I don’t know if I can make it to the end. COME ON LPM. Think of the finish line.  

Mile Eighteen: Everything hurts.

The Wall Brighton Marathon

I think this is a pretty accurate visual portrayal of my mood at this point… it’s bloody tough.

Mile Twenty: Why hasn’t it finished yet? I swear these miles are getting longer. The signs are lying to me.

Mile Twenty-One: SPECTATORS, STOP TELLING ME I’M ALMOST THERE! There’s still five whole miles to go. What the hell do you know? Stop looking so cheery. Why the hell aren’t you doing this instead?

Mile Twenty-Two: I am never doing this again.

Brighton Marathon finish line

Surely the finish is soon?

Mile Twenty-Four: When will it end?

Mile Twenty-Five: Come on, last push now.

Mile Twenty-Six: THERE IT IS! THE FINISH LINE. I’m going to do it. I’m actually going to do it. Oh my god. This is amazing.

Brighton Marathon finish line

The finish line is in sight! And the smile is back.

The Finish Line: I can’t breathe. I can’t think. I’m just so overwhelmed with pride and joy and… everyone’s so happy. That wasn’t too bad actually. I might do it again next year…

Brighton Marathon finisher

Happy to be at the finish line of Brighton Marathon 2013


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