This might be a premature thing to be writing about, but I’m adamant that I really don’t want a Baby Shower. Friends have already asked if I’d want one, and I’ve reiterated that it’s definitely not something for me.

I’ve only been to two baby showers before and I loved them both – really enjoyable and it was lovely to get together and celebrate friendship and motherhood. One baby shower was strictly no-presents-allowed and the other was fairly traditional and everyone bought super thoughtful and lovely gifts. Thankfully, both showers didn’t involve sniffing melted-chocolate-filled nappies but they did have some baby-related games that were fun, light-hearted and made me realise how little I know about babies and nursery rhymes! 

Baby Shower Picnic

My best friend’s baby shower in May last year – a lovely picnic!

But I still don’t want one for myself. At least, not one before Pickle is born.

I know it’s not an ‘either/or’ thing, but I’d much rather have a get-together with my friends afterwards. That way, everyone can meet Pickle if they haven’t already and I think it’d be much more exciting! Some of my friends live a long way away and I couldn’t expect them to be visiting so often in a short amount of time – I wouldn’t want anyone to feel obliged to attend a baby shower and then have to make another long journey not long afterwards to visit the baby too.

Irish Baby Boy Shower Cookies

Some cookies I handmade and hand-decorated for the baby shower of my friend expecting a boy with her Irish husband!

Also, weirdly, for someone with a Theatre Studies degree who is quite happy to stand up in front of hundreds of people, I like the idea of the focus being on baby rather than myself. I’ve seen these super cute baby shower invitations though on Paperless Post that would be perfect if I decide for a post-labour baby shower event, especially as they can be customised.

What are your thoughts on baby showers? Would you or will you have one?