It may be a couple of weeks sooner than I expected, but I’m officially on maternity leave! Yippee! I always thought I’d work as long as I could during pregnancy, and couldn’t imagine anything worse than having heaps of time doing nothing before baby arrives but sometimes, life throws you a bit of a curve-ball and I can honestly say that leaving work earlier has been one of the best decisions I’ve made throughout this pregnancy. For the first time in months, I feel refreshed, healthy and like I’m doing all I can to ensure Pickle has the best possible start in life.

With five weeks until my due date, I’m determined to make the most of this new found time I have and a maternity leave bucket list sounds like the best way to make sure I use this precious time wisely and productively. Anything with a line through it, I’ve already done – how satisfying!

maternity leave bucket list pregnancy bump

Things to buy:

Things to make:

  • Knitted hat for Pickle
  • Knitted mittens for Pickle
  • Knitted cardigan for Pickle
  • Pre-make some meals to freeze so we’ve got plenty in stock for after Pickle is born
  • Make some nice homemade flapjacks for labour sustenance!
  • A long overdue cushion I said I’d make for a friend’s new home MONTHS ago (she’s moved twice since then, whoops!)
  • A roman-blind for Pickle’s room

Things to do:

  • Go through all of the boxes in Pickle’s room and declutter
  • Build the Snuzpod
  • Build the Cotbed
  • Be on top of the mountain of clothes washing that has built up
  • Wash all of Pickle’s clothes
  • Go on a tour of the labour ward and midwife led unit (booked for Sunday 17th April at 4pm)
  • Spend some time with both of my Nans
  • Spend some time with friends that are LONG overdue visits
  • Get my hair cut

So there we have it. The beginnings of my maternity leave bucket list. I’ll keep coming back and adding to this list I’m sure, but it’s a good start. I’ll need to keep filling it up as it’s going to be a very long five weeks otherwise.

If you’ve got any tips for me as to what else is good to do in preparation for Pickle’s arrival – I’m all ears! I think I need all the advice and help I can get at this point.