On Friday 11th September 2015, at about 8am… we found out we were expecting a baby.

After getting married earlier in the year, we knew children would be on the cards for us, it was just a matter of when. We had a few little things we wanted to tick off our pre-baby bucket list before we started trying but I’m not sure whether it was the hazy summer heat or one glass too many of wine, but August came and we decided that we’d give it a go!

I’m not sure why, maybe I was curbing my expectations, but I thought it would take us a while. I’d been doing my research (by god, did I do research), and I was fully aware that it could take up to a year to conceive even without fertility issues. Mainly, I didn’t want to get my hopes up first time around as I knew I’d be devastated if it didn’t happen.

I waited until I was two days late for my period, and the day before I was due on a hen do weekend, to take the test.

Positive Pregnancy test

In black and white: pregnant!

Of course, I cried. Little Pickle’s Dad (LPD) took it in his stride and seemed happy and content in his own laid back way. And then life just kind of carried on as normal… I finished getting ready for work, kissed LPD goodbye and headed out to the office.

But things weren’t normal. Everything had now changed. We’d begun our road to parenthood and I was suddenly full of questions and excitement and worries and fear. What kind of parents would we be? How would we learn all we needed to be ‘good parents’? What even is a ‘good parent’? How big was baby now? How big would they become? What were the chances of miscarriage? Should I tell my doctor? How do I organise my ante-natal appointments? 

My mind hasn’t stopped whirring ever since, still filled with questions but slowly becoming filled with knowledge and understanding too. We’ve come a long way since, and we’ve still got a long way to go. Let the adventure begin!