You may have already read my post on pregnancy self-confidence (“Don’t be silly, sweet. You look beautiful.”) but in a desperate state to make myself feel better about my appearance and lifeless, dull looking skin, I decided to shake up my pregnancy skincare regime. It feels like an exercise in vanity, but to be honest, anything I can do at the moment to boost my self-esteem is worth it in my book. And I’m sure LPD would agree. He doesn’t want to be coping with anymore of my self-loathing pity-parties.

After a moan to my recently-pregnant best friend, she knew exactly how I was feeling and emphatically recommended cleansing oil to wash my face with before bed. I was sceptical. As someone who frequently suffers from blemishes, I’ve always shied away from using any kind of oily product, thinking that it’d just make my skin’s condition worse. But I trust this friend – she’s absolutely gorgeous and knows her stuff! I was willing to give it a go.

As I had a little sample bottle of Bobbi Brown’s Soothing Cleansing Oil on hand, I cracked that open. Embarrassingly, I had to ask for instructions on how to apply it: use your fingers to rub it into the skin to dissolve any make up/dirt and then rinse with clean water.


I was really surprised how soft my skin was the next day and it hadn’t left an oily residue at all. It made a noticeable difference and my face felt a lot smoother and had a bit more life in it. Winner. Finally, I felt like I had a little bit of a pregnancy glow going on! Definitely one to add to my every day pregnancy skincare regime.

I’m a marketeer’s dream because my brand loyalty is off the chart. If I like something, I stick with it. I’m not usually one to shop around and if I trust you and your company? We’re friends for life. I’ve been with the same mobile phone provider since I had my first phone at about 15 years old. And the same bank account since birth. I have to make sure LPD (Little Pickle’s Dad) looks after the utility bills as he’s much better at looking out for good deals than I am! I’ll happily get ripped off for the ease and security of staying with the same provider – whoops. Probably best you don’t follow my lead on that one.


So it’ll come as no surprise to know my other go-to pregnancy skincare products are by Bobbi Brown too. Such a creature of habit. Next up is their Vitamin Enriched Face Base, which smells heavenly and ensures my make up sits on nicely moisturised, conditioned skin. It was first introduced to me at a Bobbi Brown Bridal make up lesson I had before our wedding – honestly the best money I’ve ever spent on make-up EVER. That one make up lesson did more to transform my make up habits and technique than anything else I’ve ever done. I fully recommend it.


Bobbi Brown EXTRA Eye Repair Cream

And the last product to complete my holy trinity, Bobbi Brown’s EXTRA Eye Repair Cream. I suffer terribly from dark circles under my eyes. I always have, but after religiously used a sample pot of this cream twice a day for the month following the aforementioned make up trial, I noticed such an improvement. Disclaimer: I did also give up alcohol that month (this was obviously before I was pregnant), so it may have had something more to do with that…but I’ve since treated myself to a full sized pot and whilst I don’t use it as often, when I remember it does give my eyes a noticeable brightness the next day. It’s been particularly useful this week to help combat my puffy and tired eyes whilst we battle with our very poorly cat.

Pregnancy skincare Bobbi Brown

My pregnancy skincare holy trinity

So there we have it – my three pregnancy skincare recommendations. Don’t worry, I have NO intentions of turning this blog into anything beauty related (it’s really not my forte), but if you’re suffering with dry skin due to all those crazy pregnancy hormones, I can vouch for these. They’re working for me!