It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these updates, so there’s probably a lot to catch up on! First things first…

Officially third trimester 28 weeks

I am definitely officially third trimester. And don’t I know it. I’m sure it’s partly psychological but as soon as I hit that 28 week mark, every day life suddenly became noticeably more uncomfortable. I don’t think it helps that my bump is currently measuring on the 90th percentile, so although I’m not off-the-scale big, I’m certainly bigger than the average.

I’ve found it really hard going the last few weeks, mainly due to things non-pregnancy related. Looking after our very poorly cat was emotionally exhausting, and even more so when he sadly passed away. LPD went to France skiing for a week and broke his shoulder. My Dad’s not been very well either and had a brief stay in hospital (although thankfully, seems to be on the mend now). We’ve had a bit of car trouble – I somehow managed to drive to Birmingham and back one night without realising that my tyre was completely flat. I can blame pregnancy brain for that one, right? I’ve been manically trying to chase our deposit return from when we moved BACK IN DECEMBER to help with paying all of our unexpected vet bills – which we still haven’t got back. All coupled with a crazy busy time at work that shows no sign of easing up any time soon. They say things come in threes, but our run of bad luck just keeps continuing.

Someone pass me the wine. Oh wait…

It’s a cruel trick of nature that pregnancy denies you the few treats that would make it easier to deal with.

Shea Mooti Pregnancy Gift set

It’s not all doom and gloom though thanks to this Shea Mooti gift set!

As you can tell, my patience at the moment is wearing VERY thin. It’s not all bad news though – I was lucky enough to win a Mothercare Facebook competition! And what fabulous timing, as my prize was a Shea Mooti Pregnancy Gift Care set. I won by sharing my pregnancy beauty tip that I wrote about recently. I’ll have to let you know how I get on testing this little box of treats! I’ve definitely earned a bubble bath.

29 Weeks Ovia app

Pickle at 29 weeks

Pickle is the size of… a pineapple. A whole pineapple. That’s pretty sizeable. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it on this blog before, but shortly after I found out I was pregnant, I bought a silver ring with an infinity knot design. At the time, Pickle wasn’t even as big as the knot on the ring… so every now and then, I can’t help but look at my belly bump and compare it to my ring and see how far Pickle has come on since then! Crazy. I hope to do that for many, many years ahead.

I’m feeling… stressed if truth be told. I just re-read my 26 weeks update and noticed I mentioned back then that my appetite had diminished. Well, since then it’s only really gotten worse. At a time when I keep being told about how ravenously hungry I should be feeling. I’ve been debating taking my pregnancy vitamins again just to ensure Pickle is getting everything he/she needs. I’m fed up of working long days (leaving the house at 7.30am and not returning until 7pm at the very earliest, and even later on NCT and dressmaking nights). I could really do with a break.

I’m craving… sweet things, still. Although, now I’m not sure if that’s a pregnancy thing or just a stress thing. I find when my appetite does lessen, and I’m feeling overwhelmed or busy, and I don’t feel like I’ve got time for breakfast or lunch, it’s easier just to grab an unhealthy snack on the go rather than make the time for proper meals. Such a bad habit, I know. But I did once say I’d only ever be honest on here.

Angel delight pudding with milky bar yoghurt

It’s going to look like LPD is totally enabling my sweet tooth problem, but in an effort to cheer me up after a particularly rubbish day this week, he made me a little bowl of Angel delight, topped with Milkybar yoghurt and sprinkles. It was AMAZING.

I’m worrying about… worrying! I ended up messaging my midwife this week, letting her know that I was worried about what effect my bad moods and workload at the moment would be having on Pickle. She was very reassuring and said to be kind to myself! She asked if I thought having time off work would help and suggested getting signed off, but I’m not sure it would. I’ve JUST got to get to the Easter holidays. One more week at work and then it should ease off for a couple of weeks at least and I can catch up with myself. That’s the plan at least… I did contemplate the idea of trying to move the start of my maternity leave forward but can’t imagine my boss agreeing to that somehow!

I’m missing… WINE. At the end of a shitty day at work, it’s definitely the thing I usually turn to. I’d love nothing more to sit on a patio somewhere, with some gorgeous sun, surrounded by beautiful greenery with a nice cold glass of white wine. Followed by a second glass. With LPD by my side. Obviously.

Wine summer garden

I cannot wait to DO THIS in the summer once Pickle is here.

I’m ready for this pregnancy is start coming to an end now… 10 weeks left. Come on. Pickle, I don’t you to come before you’re ready, but let’s get these next 10 weeks over and done with quickly, shall we? I want to meet you now.