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We all need to take a little time to ourselves, especially as parents. This handy guide from Docklands Dental offers some good tips if you struggle to devote some time to self-care:

Summer is all about the sand between your toes, enjoying the warmth from the sun and getting out into nature. But when you’re a busy mum it can be difficult to find the time to appreciate everything summer has to offer! Just because you’re taking the kids to the beach or rushing to do the daily chores before you head out for the day doesn’t mean you’re too busy to take care of yourself.

So, sit back, relax, and read about six ways you can take care of yourself this summer.

Get a health MOT

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When was the last time you had your overall heath checked? Heading to your GP for a clean bill of health will do wonders for both your physical and mental health. It’s also a great time to raise any concerns about yourself that you’ve not been able to give much thought to. You should also consider taking a trip to a dentist to make sure everything is healthy. Want to treat yourself to some cosmetic dentistry? Speak to Docklands Dental about tooth whitening to give your smile some extra sparkle.

Remove yourself from technology

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In the summer time, everything seems to flow at a much slower pace. So, why not go with the flow and detach yourself from technology. Don’t worry, you won’t need to bin your smart phone – just dedicate a few hours on an evening to some technology free time. That means the TV and laptop too! Or if you’re tempted, why not give up social media for the summer break? It’s easier than you think!

Wake up early

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Why not take advantage of the light mornings and get up a little earlier? Rising just 30 minutes earlier than usual will make you feel surprisingly refreshed. It’ll also give you chance to enjoy your fresh morning coffee, read a couple of chapters of your book, or just enjoy some peace and quiet before the kids get up!

Go for a walk

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It’s been proven that walking reduces stress. So, whether you take the kids with you or not, chances are you’ll feel better after a long stroll. Along the beach, through a woodland, country lane or just around your neighbourhood. Why not stop off at that café you’ve been meaning to try or take a picnic and make a day of it. Try it without looking at your phone too!

Enjoy fresh

Bowl of salad and fruit outside on a picnic table - free slimming world food

In winter we want hot, stodgy, comfort foods. In summer, our tastes change. So why not step away from the crisps and enjoy what nature has to offer? Why not challenge yourself and try a new fruit or vegetable each week? Or challenge yourself to add more to your diet? Your body will thank you!

Get physical!

Exercising by going for a run

Moving your body makes you feel great and it’s good for both your mental and physical health. So, this summer make sure you take full advantage of the dry weather and get yourself moving. Cycling, walking, boating, jogging – or maybe try something new?

Disclaimer: this is a collaborative post, written by a guest.