Oh the countdown is DEFINITELY on now. Ever since I hit 30 weeks, it’s felt like I’ve reached some kind of major pregnancy milestone. I spoke last week in my 29 Weeks: Update from Mom about how I’d been noticing lots more aches and pains and just a feeling of general discomfort since hitting the third trimester and I don’t know it’s paranoia (it probably is), but these seem to be growing by the day.

After not having to really contact my midwife about any worries so far, in the last couple of weeks, I’ve text her in a worried state a couple of times. This week, it was for some horrible feet swelling.

swollen feet and ankles during pregnancy

I couldn’t believe it when I took my socks and shoes off at the end of a long day to find this… Beautiful.

I know it’s fairly common for feet and your lower limbs to swell during pregnancy, but I always assumed this would be a really last minute addition to the pregnancy schedule. With over two months still to go, I thought I could avoid some of these un-pleasantries for a good few weeks yet.

It’s been a very busy week at work too which I don’t think has helped my mood. Poor LPD, I honestly don’t know how he’s putting up with me at the moment. It’s a good job he’s so patient! Otherwise I think he’d be filing for divorce with how vile I’ve been.

30 weeks = Pickle is now cabbage sized.

30 weeks = Pickle is now cabbage sized.

Pickle is the size of… a large cabbage, according to the Baby Centre. Hopefully a bit longer and not as rounded though! I don’t feel like my bump has significantly grown but a colleague who was away on leave for a week came back as said I’d really popped out whilst she’d been gone. I suppose you don’t notice it when you see yourself every day!

I’m feeling… SO IRRITABLE! And very anti-social. I think I’m protecting my friends and family from coming into contact with me for fear of scaring them off permanently. I have so little patience and time for anything at the moment. I think I spent all of five minutes with my two little foster brothers the other night before I had to just go home. So many questions… The worst thing is anticipating that I’m only going to feel more uncomfortable and more grumpy as the weeks go by. I apologise in advance to anyone I come into contact with.

I’m craving… vegetables this week. After a very busy time at work, I know I’ve not been fuelling myself very well so I wanted a massive pile of veggies. Not the healthiest option to go for, but LPD and I decided to treat ourselves to a cheap and cheerful carvery to satisfy the veggie cravings without having to do a lot of peeling and boiling at home. The lady on the carvery offering me an extra Yorskhire pudding ‘for the baby’ which I thought was pretty cute, but I said no. LPD was annoyed and wished I’d have taken it if only to give it to him!

Carvery vegetables

Cheap and cheerful carvery to satisfy some veggie cravings.

I’m worrying about… how I’m going to get through the next 9 weeks without offending every person I know. Honestly, I’m so sorry people I know in real life. I know I’m hard work at the moment. It won’t always be like this.

I’m missing… feeling hopeful! I feel terrible moaning so much… I always imagined pregnancy as a sunshine-y, happy, magical time but it really hasn’t been like that for me the last couple of months. I’ve found it hard. Deep down, I don’t think it’s pregnancy ITSELF that’s causing me to feel like this – I just think it’s making it more difficult than usual to deal with everything else life seems to be throwing at us at the moment. And not being able to just chill out, relax on the sofa and drink a glass of wine at the end of the day is not relieving any of that pressure. So each day, it compounds and compounds. Bloody annoying!

Another moody, horrible blog post for me. It explains why I’m not posting as frequently at the moment – I don’t want to inflict so much morose moping onto the world. It’s so the opposite to how I normally am! Let’s hope we turn a corner soon…

So that I don’t end another blog post on a sour note, here’s a gorgeous photo I took this morning that has made me realise how worthwhile this all is, and how truly excited I am for the future. LPD enjoying a Sunday morning chat with Pickle. What a man.

Daddy to be baby bump

‘Hello Pickle. You alright in there? Cup of tea?’ Sunday morning chats with LPD and Pickle