Time is really starting to fly by. How can I already be at the end of 17 weeks? This means it’s only 2 days until our house move, 8 days until Christmas and 15 days until we’re in 2016. Oh blimey, that means we’re only 15 days off the official half way point of 20 weeks.

Since feeling Pickle for the first time last week, I’ve been able to feel movements with increasing regularity which is lovely! In fact, I can feel a few bursts of movement right now as I’m typing this. Pickle is obviously wanting to say hello!


A PLAYSTATION CONTROLLER?! That’s pretty sizable!

Pickle is the size of… a tangy pomegranate. I’ll be embarrassingly honest and confess to not really knowing the size of a pomegranate so switched the ‘theme’ of baby size to Toys and Games and Pickle is the size of a Playstation controller! That’s HUGE! Bloody hell.

I’m feeling… a little overwhelmed after the Playstation controller revelation. Although I’m only 17 weeks now, I feel like I’m starting to behave like a woman well into her third trimester – bending over to tie my shoes yesterday felt like a real struggle and I’ve been making lots of annoying ‘oof’ noises when I stand up or sit down. If I’m like that now, what will I be like 4 months from now!? Hopefully it’s just my body getting used to the new sizable bump that’s very quickly appeared and I’ll feel like it’s just normal soon.

17 Weeks Pregnancy Bump

Pickle at 17 Weeks

I’m craving… nothing in particular. My appetite seems to have taken a turn down again this week after last week’s bingeing. I don’t feel like I’ve been as healthy as I should be – I’ve not been snacking on fruit like I’ve been previously and opting for meals that are quick and easy rather than nutritious.

I’m worrying about… an odd feeling I’ve been having. I can’t describe it other than feeling like I constantly need the toilet, but without needing the toilet. Almost like something is pushing on where my bladder would usually push if it’s full. I think it’s just the result of growing baby, and an expanding uterus but this is where first-time-worries start to take hold I think. I’m sure it’s fine and normal. I found this diagram earlier  on Baby Centre which definitely reassured me, looking at the position of the uterus and the bladder, it’s no wonder. I’ve also been doing a lot of pelvic floor googling… time for some exercises I think!

Basic Pregnancy Anatomy

Basic Pregnancy Anatomy diagram I found on Baby Centre

I’m missing… for the first time, I did really want a glass of wine this week. We had our work Christmas dinner and as the white and red wine was being passed around, I did slightly resent not being able to drink any. I also won a Champagne gift set from Marks and Spencers which I also wish I could crack open at Christmas… it’s okay though, it’s the perfect thing to celebrate with after the arrival of Pickle!

Looking forward to… Our 20 week scan! Just over two weeks until we can see Pickle again. I definitely feel more connected to baby now that I’ve felt movements and really can’t wait to see them again. Not so looking forward to the hard work of moving that will consume us this weekend. Wish us luck – we’re really going to need it!